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Radiocarbon and lead-210 age-depth model and trace elements concentration in the Wolbrom fen (S Poland)

.4 g of sodium citrate, at 90°C. The radioactivity of polonium was measured using an alpha spectrometer (Canberra model 7401) with Passivated Implanted Planar Silicon (PIPS) Detector. The sensitive area of the detector was 300 mm 2 and its energy resolution was ca. 20 keV. The preparation and the measurement were performed at the Gliwice Radioactivity Measurements Laboratory. Results of measurements of 210 Pb concentration in the core and calculated 210 Pb dates are presented in Fig. 2 . Fig. 2 Results of measurements of 210 Pb concentration in the core W

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Testing of thermal fatigue resistance of tools and rolls for hot working

Materials and Structures, 4/2, pp. 179-195. [7] Hadder, N., Fissolo, A. (2005): 2D simulation of the initiation and propagation of crack array under thermal fatigue. Nuclear Engineering and Design, 235, pp. 945-964. [8] Pellizzari, M., Molinari, A., Straffelini, G. (2003): Thermal fatigue resistance of gas and plasma nitrided 41CrAlMo7 steel. Materials Science and Engineering, 352, pp. 186-194. [9] Delagnes, D., Lamesle, P., Mathon, M.H., Mebarki, N., Levaillant, C. (2005): Influence of silicon content on the precipitation

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