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Algorithmic System for Identifying Bird Radio-Echo and Plotting Radar Ornithological Charts

-88. Bruderer B. 1992. Radar studies on Bird migration in the south of Israel. BSCE/21, Jerusalem: pp. 269-280. Bruderer B., Liechti F. 1995. Variation in density and height distribution of nocturnal migration in the south of Israel. Isr. J. Zool.   41 , 3: 477-489. Bruderer B. 1997. Migratory directions of birds under the influence of wind and topography. RIN Symposium Orientation & Navigation - Birds, Humans & other animals. Oxford. 27/1-10. Buurma L. 1999. The Royal Netherlands Air Force

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Effect of sand-dune slope orientation on soil free-living nematode abundance and diversity

[1] Auslander, M., Nevo, E., Inbar, M. (2003): The effects of slope orientation on plant growth, developmental instability and susceptibility to herbivores. J. Arid Environ., 55:405–4 16 [2] Berkelmans, R., Ferris, H., Tenuta, M., Van Bruggen, A. H. C. (2003): Effects of long-term crop management on nematode trophic levels other than plant feeders disappear after 1 year of disruptive soil management. Appl. Soil Ecol., 23: 223–235.

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