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Students’ Total Experience within a Romanian Public University

Assurance in Education, 20(4), pp. 408-428. [6] Buttle, F. (2009). Customer Relationship Management: Concepts and Technologies, Oxford: Elsevier Ltd. [7] Cox, A.M. (2011). Students’ Experience of University Space: An Exploratory Study, International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 23(2), pp. 197-207. [8] Dalton, H. and Denseon, N. (2009). The Student Experience. In HERDSA Annual Conference, 32nd Edition, Darwin, Australia, 6-9 July 2009, Darwin: Higher Education Research and Development Society

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The Informational Support in Educational Marketing Decision-Making Process in the Republic of Moldova

References [1] Bahloul, M.Y. (2011). The role of Marketing Information System Technology in the Decision Making Process, Case Study: The Banking Sector in Gaza Strip. Master Thesis, Islamic University of Gaza.[online] Available at: < > [Accessed 22 August 2017]. [2] Bhansali, J. (2008). Marketing Information System. [online] Available at: <https://www.slideshare net/bhansalijayanti/marketing-information-system-presentation> [Accessed 2 August 2017]. [3] Bulat, G

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Inspire to Hire and Win the War for Talents

bridges. The Academy of Management Review, 25(1), pp.13-17. [5] Alexe, A (2017). Retention of valuable employees, the main HR challenge in 2017. Business Review, 11 December. [online]. Available at: < > [Accessed 5 August 2018]. [6] Alias, N.E., Noor, N. and Hassan, R. (2014). Examining the mediating effect of employee engagement on the relationship between talent management practices and employee retention in the Information and Technology

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Internationalization of Japanese Business Groups – Literature Review

relevance for developing and transforming economies (Book Review) - by Rajan, R.G., Journal of Economic Literature, 34(3), pp. 1363-1365. [5] Belderbos, R. A. and Heijltjes, M. G. (2005). The determinants of expatriate staffing by Japanese multinationals in Asia: Control, learning and vertical business groups, Journal of International Business Studies, 36(3), pp. 341-354. [6] Belderbos, R., Ito, B. and Wakasugi, R. (2008). Intra-firm technology transfer and R&D in foreign affiliates: Substitutes or complements? Evidence from Japanese

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