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Improving the lean logistic operations management in transportation by introducing the RFID system

Technology and Science , 12 (5), pp. 229-234. Kamala Devi, B. (2010). RFID: The best technology in SCM, Advances in Management , 3 (2), pp. 198-204. Karkkainen, M. (2003). Increasing efficiency in the SC for short shelf life goods using RFID tagging, International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management , 31 (10), pp. 529-536. Kirch M., Poenickle, O., & Richter, K. (2016). RFID in logistics and production- applications, research and visions for Smart Logistics Zones, 16 th Conference on Reliability and Statistics in Transportation and

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Management of the Size of the Supply Under the Conditions of Inflation

. Chua P, Chung Kun-Jen, Shaw-Ping Lanc. (1998). Economic Order Quantity of deteriorating items under permissible delay in payments. Computers & Operations Research. Volume 25, Issue 10. Cinzia M. (2016). An EOQ model for perishable products with fixed shelf life under stochastic demand conditions. European Journal of Operational Research 255. p. 388-396. Chanda U., Kumar A. (2019). Optimization of EOQ Model for New Products Under Multi-Stage Adoption Process. International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management. Volume: 16 Issue: 2. Chung

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Influence of Different Storage Methods on Apples Chemical Proprieties

. Ascorbic acid loss and sensory changes in intermediate moisture pineapple during storage at 30-40°C. International J. Food Sci. and Tech. pp: 551. Pleshkov B.P., 1985. Biochemistry Workshop plants. Agropromizdat, 255 Ramona Cotruţ, Anca Amalia Udrişte, 2017. A review of how to optimize storage and shelf life extending technology of kiwifruit (Actinidia sp.) by using 1-methylcyclopropene to measurably reduce fruit waste. Scientific Papers. Series B, Horticulture. Vol. LXI, 33-38. Sumedrea D., Alina Florea, Mihaela Sumedrea

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The Influence of Variety and Storage Conditions with C.A. on Quality Indicators at Three Varieties of Quince (Cydonia Oblonga)

., 2014. Quality parameters, bio-compounds, antioxidant activity and sensory attributes of Spanish quinces (Cydonia oblonga Miller). Scientia Horticulturae 165: 163-170 Varela P., Salvador A., Fiszman S., 2008. Shelf-life estimation of “Fuji” apples II. The behaviour of recently harvested fruit during storage at ambient conditions. Postharvest Biology and Technology 50: 64-69 Wang H., Guo X., Hu X., Li T., Fu X., Liu R., 2017. Comparison of phytochemical profiles, antioxidant and cellular antioxidant activities of different varieties of

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To Phrase or Not to Phrase – Impact of User versus System Term Dependence upon Retrieval

” etymology (53%) antique dealer nautical (34%) “dr samuel brown” atlanta (53%) eggs shelf life (32%) “raspberry pi” (53%) “answering machine” messages from celebrities (24%) “beef stroganoff” recipe (52%) “athens airport” duty free (24%) Table 2 summarises the statistics of the user assessments of the 52 train queries. User agreement in the last column of Table 2 refers to how many out of the 101 assessments received for each train query agree on the single most popular term dependence option for that query. We report the average of

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