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Informational Support of Civilian Intelligence for Heavy Industry (Including Machine Industry) and the Energy Sector in the Polish People’s Republic in the Years 1970–1990

PPR (1976–1989], “Dzieje Najnowsze”, IH PAN, XLV 2013/2. Sikora M. (2014a), Intelligence-interchange in the area of Science and Technology between Poland and Soviet Union, 1986-1990 [in:] Technology in Times of Transition . 41 ICOHTEC Symposium 2014, ed. E. Helerea, M. Cionca, M. Ivanoiu, Brasov. Sikora M. (2014b), Wirtschaftliche Innovation durch Spionage. Forschung, Entwicklung und der Geheimdienst in der Volksrepublik Polen 1970-1990 , “Jahrbücher für Geschichte Osteuropas“, Jg 62/Heft 4. Sikora M. (2015a), Pro publico bono? Wywiad w

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Entrepreneurial Behaviour on the New Silk Road: Space for Improvement?

References Acs Z.J., How is entrepreneurship good for economic growth? Innovations, 1(1)/2006, pp. 97–107. Acs, Z.J., Desai, S., Hessels, J., Entrepreneurship, economic development and institutions. Small Business Economics, 31(3)/2008, pp. 219–234. Allen I.E., Langowitz N., Minniti M., Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. 2007 Report on Women and Entrepreneurship, Wellesley: Babson College 2008. Audretsch D.B., Entrepreneurship: a Survey of the Literature, Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union 2011. Calinski T., Harabasz

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Regional Disparities on The New Silk Road: Some Thoughts about Regional Convergence

-Pose A., Innovation and Regional Growth, Berlin 2011. Dall’Erba S., Distribution of regional income and regional funds in Europe 1989–1999: an exploratory spatial data analysis, Annals of Regional Science (2005), 39(1), pp. 121–148. Demuth A., Some conceptual thoughts on migration research [in:] Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Migration Research: Interdisciplinary, Intergenerational and International Perspectives, Aldershot 2000, pp. 21–57. Ezcurra R., Does income polarization affect economic growth? The case of the European regions, Regional

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