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Canonical correlation analysis for functional data

References Krzyśko M. (2009): Podstawy wielowymiarowego wnioskowania statysty- cznego [Foundations of multidimensional statistical inference]. Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM, Poznan. Leurgans S.E., Moyeed R.A., Silverman B.W. (1993): Canonical correlation analy- sis when the data are curves. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society B 55(3): 725{740. Ramsay J.O., Danzell C.J. (1991): Some tools for functional data analysis. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society B 53: 539-572. Ramsay J

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Genetic Variability, Inheritance and Correlation for Mineral Contents in Cabbage (Brassica Oleracea Var. Capitata L.)

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Varietal performance and correlation of okra pod yield and yield components

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Coefficient Analysis and Association between Morpho-Agronomical Characters in Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

References Board J.E., Kang M.S., Harville B.G., 1999 - Path analyses of the yield formation process for late-planted soybean. Agron. J., 91:128-135. Bozoglu H., Gulumser A., 1999 - An investigation on the determination correlations and heritabilities of some agronomical characters in Dry Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). Third Field Crops Congress (15-18 November, 1999). Pasture, Forage Crops and Edible Legumes, 3: 360-365. Cokkizgin A., Colkesen M., Idikut L., Ozsisli B., Girgel U., 2013 - Determination of

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Heterosis and heterobeltiosis of yield associated traits in rapeseed cultivars under limited nitrogen application

characters in rapeseed. In Suranaree Journal of Science and Technology , vol. 17 , 2010, pp. 39-47. KATIYAR, R.K. - CHAMOLA, R. - CHOPRA, V.L. 2000. Heterosis and combining ability in Indian mustard ( Brassica juncea ). In Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding , vol. 60 , 2000, no. 4, pp. 557-559. KHAN, S. - FARHATULLAH, I. - KHALLIL, H. 2008. Phenotypic correlation analysis of elite F3 : 4 Brassica populations for quantitative and qualitative traits. In ARPN Journal of Agricultural and Biological Science , vol. 3 , 2008, pp

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Physio-genetic behavior of maize seedlings at water deficit conditions

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pants grown with exogenous phosphorus in different cropping system. Aus. J.Exp. Agric. 47: 583-589. Sharma R.K., Bangar K.S., Sharma S.R., Gwal H.B., Verma I.D., 1993 - Studies on intercropping of pulses in spring planted sugarcane. Indian Journal of Pulses Research 6(2), 161-164. Singh D.K., Yadav D.S., 1992 - Production potential and economics of chickpea (Cicer arietinum) -based intercropping systems under rainfed condition. Indian Journal of Agronomy 37(3), 424-429. Singh R., Joshi B.S., Singh S., 1982 - Correlation

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Polish Soil Classification, 6th edition – principles, classification scheme and correlations

Science Annual 69(4): 206–214. Kabała C., Świtoniak M., Charzyński P., 2016. Correlation between the Polish Soil Classification (2011) and international soil classification system World Reference Base for Soil Resources (2015). Soil Science Annual 67(2): 88–100. Kabała C., Waroszewski J., Bogacz A., Łabaz B., 2012. On the specifics of Podzols in mountain areas. Soil Science Annual 63(2): 55–64. Kacprzak A., Drewnik M., Uzarowicz Ł., 2006. Rozwój i kierunki przemian węglanowych gleb rumoszowych na terenie Pienińskiego parku Narodowego. Pieniny

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Approximation of the WRB reference group with the reapplication of archive soil databases

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Expert judgement-based tuning of the system reliability neural network


The neural network tuning procedure applied to reliability analyses of anthrop technical systems, based on judgements of experts - experienced operating practicians. Numerical and linguistic elicitation of the judgements, analyses of the network input and output data correlation and of the AHP method processing deviation are presented. Example of data elicitation and correlation analysis of a reliability arrangement of the seagoing ship propulsion system are included to the article.

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