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Effects of nitrogen and carbon sources on the production of inulinase from strain Bacillus sp. SG113

., Production of high fructose syrups from Jerusalem artichoke tubers using Kluyveromyces marxianus immobilized in agar gel. J. Gen. Appl. Microbiol., 1985, 31, 305-311. [5]. Pandey, A.; Soccol, C.R.; Selvakumar, P.; Soccol, V.T.; Krieger, N.; Fontana, J.D., Recent developments in microbial inulinases, its production, properties, and industrial applications. Appl. Biochem. Biotechnol. 1999, 81(1), 35-52. [6]. Neagu-Bonciu, C.; Bahrim, G., Inulinases - a versatile tool for biotechnology. Innov. Romanian Food Biotechnol. 2011, 9, 1

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Allelopathic activity of Nepeta nuda L. subsp. nuda water extracts

, 49, 363-372. [12]. Pădure, I.M., Chorological and ecological aspects of Nepeta nuda L. ssp. nuda (syn. N. pannonica L.) from Lamiaceae-Nepetoideae in Romania, Analele ştiinţifice ale Universităţii “Al. I. Cuza”. 2004, Tomul L, s. II a. Biologie vegetală, 65-70. [13]. Malenčić, D.; Máthé, I.; Veres, K.; P Boža, P., Chemical composition of essential oil of Nepeta nuda L. 1753 (Syn. Nepeta pannonica L. 1753) from the Pannonian plain, Planta Medica. 2008, 74 - PI32, DOI: 10.1055/s-0028-1084940 [14]. Gkinis, G.; Bozin, B

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