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“Storyline” or “Associations Pyramid”? A Relationship Between the Difficulty of Educational Methods and Their Effectiveness in Developing Language Creativity Among Pre-School Children

cognitive development? An international review of the effects of early interventions for children from different social backgrounds. Early Childhood Research Quarterly , 25 , 140–165. doi:10.1016/j.ecresq.2009.11.001 Burke, L. A., & Williams, J. M. (2008). Developing Young Thinkers: An intervention aimed to enhance children’s thinking skills. Thinking Skills and Creativity , 3 , 104–124. doi:10.1016/j.tsc.2008.01.001 Camilli, G., Vargas, S., Ryan, S., & Barnett, S. W. (2010). Meta-analysis of the effects of early education interventions on cognitive and

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How Does Place Matter to Highly Skilled Migrants?
Work/non-work experiences of international physicians in Norway and Sweden

References Ackers, L 2004, ‘Managing relationships in peripatetic careers: scientific mobility in the European Union’, Women’s Studies International Forum , vol. 27, no. 3, pp. 189–201, DOI:10.1016/j.wsif.2004.03.001. Agnew, JA 1987, Place and politics: the geographical mediation of state and society , Allen and Unwin, London. Agnew, J 2011, ‘Space and place’, in Handbook of geographical knowledge , eds J Agnew & D Livingstone, Sage, London, pp. 316-330. Andersson, H 2010, Interkulturell kommunikation på ett svenskt sjukhus

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Studies of Changing Societies
The Journal of Olga Guzhva
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Nordicom Review
Journal from the Nordic Information Centre for Media and Communication Research (Nordicom)
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The Difference Culture Makes
Comparing Swedish news and cultural journalism on the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris

countries 159 178 Göteborg Nordicom Soontjens, K. (2018). The rise of interpretive journalism: Belgian newspaper coverage 1985-2914. Journalism Studies Online first. 03 May 2018. Soontjens K. 2018 The rise of interpretive journalism: Belgian newspaper coverage 1985-2914 Journalism Studies Online first. 03 May 2018 Terzis, G. (2014). Media stereotypes of terrorism. In M. Eid (ed.) Exchanging terrorism oxygen for media airwaves: The age of terroredia (pp

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Teacher Attitudes Toward Game-based Learning in History Education

:// Floyd, D. & Portnow, J. (2014). Extra Credits - Historical Games - Why Mechanics Must Be Both Good and Accurate [Video file]. Retrieved (03/03/2017) from: Gee, J. P. (2003). What video games have to teach us about learning and literacy. Computers in Entertainment (CIE), 1(1) , 20-20. (2016). - Hitta ditt gymnasium (Find your secondary school). Retrieved (04/05/2016) from: Hermerén, G. (2011). God forskningssed. Vetenskapsrådet (Swedish Research Council

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Stoltenbergutvalgets rapport - en drøfting

References Aftenposten 02.12.2008. Nødvendig nytenkning Aftenposten 03.12.2008. Gratis heroin møter motstand Andersen, D. & Järvinen, M. (2007): Harm reduction - ideals and paradoxes. Nordisk alkohol- & narkotikatidskrift 24 (3): 235-252 Dagbladet 01.12.2008. Vurderer statlig heroinutdeling Dagbladet 02012.2008. Tror heroin kan redde liv. Heroin på resept Dalsbø, T. K. & Steiro, A. K. & Hammerstrøm, K. T

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Cross-cultural Research of Cognitive Processes in a Work of Michael Cole

References Bartlová, A. 2010. Vývoj přístupu Michaela Colea ke zkoumání vztahu kultury a poznávacích procesů (Bakalářská práce). Praha: Fakulta humanitních studií UK. Cole, M. rok neuveden. Comments on Commentaries about Cultural Psychology [online]. [3-12-2008], ( Cole, M. 1984. LCHC: A Program of Research and Training in Cultural Psychology [online]. [03-12-2008] ( http

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Cultural and Regional Characterictics of Poverty Segregations
Based on the Examples of Hungarian Peripheral Regions

interpretation of social inequalities.) Space and Society 18 3 25 42 Torres, H. G., Marques, E., Ferreira, M. P. and Bitar, S., 2002. Poverty and Space: Patterns of Segregation in São Paulo. Austin, 2002, 1-25. Torres H. G. Marques E. Ferreira M. P. Bitar S. 2002 Poverty and Space: Patterns of Segregation in São Paulo Austin 2002 1 25 Vincze, E. and Rat, C., 2013. Spatialisation and Racialisation of Social Exclusion. The Social and Cultural Formation of ‘Gypsy Ghettos’ in Romania in a European Context

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