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Interprofessional education and practice in Sweden / Interprofessionelle Bildung und Praxis in Schweden

gemeindenaher Dienste hinein ausgeweitet werden. Erste Schritte in die richtige Richtung sind erkennbar, wie die weiteren Artikel in Vol 3 Issue 2 des International Journal of Health Professions zeigen. Dank Dieser Artikel entstand im Kontext einer Studienreise des Departements Gesundheit der Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften ZHAW im Mai 2015. Ausgangspunkte waren die Publikation der ZHAW über Konzept, Relevanz und Best Practice von Health Universities von 2013, die Dreiländertagung «Health Universities – Bildung und Versorgung zusammenführen» im

Getting ready for fieldwork education! – Creation of a skill profile for fieldwork educators in occupational therapy / Fit für die Praktikumsanleitung? – Erstellung eines Anforderungsprofils für ergotherapeutische Praxislehrende

Bereitstellung des erforderlichen Raumes begleiten (vgl. Perkhofer-Czapek & Potzmann, 2016 ). Damit wird diesen ermöglicht, ihre bisherigen Erfahrungen mit dem im Rahmen der Profession Ergotherapie momentan Erlebten in Beziehung zu bringen und so ihre Persönlichkeit im Sinne einer „Bildung jenseits der Zweckausbildung“ ( Becker, 2009 ) weiterzuentwickeln. Lernen im realen Umfeld ist definitiv „der stärkste Moment in der Generierung von berufspraktischem Wissen“ ( Markowitsch 2001 , S. 138). Die Bedeutung des Berufspraktikums als Ort der Bildung einer professionellen Haltung

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Implementation in nursing and midwifery. A scoping review / Implementationsprojekte in der Pflege und Hebammenarbeit. Scoping review

Hoben, M., Berendonk, C., Buscher, I., Quasdorf, T., Riesner, C., Wilborn, D., & Behrens, J. (2014). Scoping review of nursing-related dissemination and implementation research in Germans-peaking countries: Mapping the field. International Journal of Health Professions, 1(1), 34-49. Hoben M. Berendonk C. Buscher I. Quasdorf T. Riesner C. Wilborn D. Behrens J. 2014 Scoping review of nursing-related dissemination and implementation research in German-speaking countries: Mapping the field International Journal of Health Professions 1 1 34 49 Irwin, M. M

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Comparison of Supervised-Learning Models and Auditory Discrimination of Infant Cries for the Early Detection of Developmental Disorders / Vergleich von Supervised-Learning Klassifikationsmodellen und menschlicher auditiver Diskriminationsfähigkeit zur Unterscheidung von Säuglingsschreien mit kongenitalen Entwicklungsstörungen

the cries of atypical infants. Child development, 61(1):76–84. Frodi A. Senchak M. 1990 Verbal and behavioral responsiveness to the cries of atypical infants Child development 61 1 76 – 84 Fuhr, T., Reetz, H., and Wegener, C. (2015). Comparison of Supervised-learning Models for Infant Cry Classification. International Journal of Health Professions, 2(1):4–15. Fuhr T. Reetz H. Wegener C. 2015 Comparison of Supervised-learning Models for Infant Cry Classification International Journal of Health Professions 2 1 4 – 15 Galaviz

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The Other Stance: Conflicting Professional Self-Images and Perceptions of the Other Profession Among Finnish PR Professionals and Journalists

:// (read 12.1.2011) Robson, J. (1998) `A Profession in Crisis: Status, Culture and Identity in the Further Education College’, Journal of Vocational Education and Training 5(4): 585-607. Rogers, T.B., Kuiper, N.A., and Kirker, W.S. (1977) `Self-Reference and the Encoding of Personal Information’, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 35: 677-688. Ryan, M. and Martinson, D. L. (1988) ‘Journalists and Public Relations Practitioners: Why the Antagonism?’, Journalism Quarterly 65(1): 131-140. Salter, L. (2005) ‘The communicative structures of journalism

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Cultural context of nursing in the field of outpatient healthcare in Serbia


Introduction. Modern world map characterizes existence of pluralistic and multicultural societies formed as a result of increased citizens’ mobility and globalization process. Cultural diversity realizes its implications in all the aspects of social functioning and in significant share through the system of healthcare. Accepting the concept of illness as a social construct, intercultural attitudes become leading principle of education and practice of healthcare workers at every level. By the nature of their profession, nurses in the primary healthcare institutions acquire key role in the process of implementation of inter-cultural principles in clinical practice, with the aim for the healthcare system to become more open and more sensitive to specific social occurrences and culturally driven healthcare need of its users.

Aim. The expected contribution of the work is oriented towards the possibility of theoretical and practical foundation of multidimensional and multi-perspective approach to healthcare.

Discussion. The discourse of the cultural context of nursing in the field of outpatient healthcare in Serbia is based on the axiomatic assumption that illness is a social construct and that sociological and anthropological perspective can change the clinical practice. The work comprises basic cultural factors as a dynamic factor of health and illness, principles, elements and significance of cultural assessment of the patient in nursing practice; presents the differences in patient’s position within the Parsons concept and contemporary concept of post-modern approach to the patient. Cultural concept of nursing in Serbia has been analyzed through the prism of “5D Cultural model” by Dr. Geert Hofsted with presentation and interpretation of its basic dimensions.

Conclusions. Healthcare system in Serbia is facing challenges of reforms – the introduction of socio-cultural aspect in creating of primary healthcare policy in the spirit of modern multicultural social tendencies. Aiming to provide quality healthcare it is necessary to understand how a society acknowledges the terms of health and illness and which cultural aspects lies in the base of individual’s behavior. If one healthcare is not founded upon cultural values then it is impossible to achieve its therapeutic goal, it will be incomplete and unsuccessful. The treatment plan and patient’s care must be individual, holistic and culturally appropriate.

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The eligibility criteria, training content, and scope of practice for prescriptive authority for midwives: a modified Delphi study

more independence in their professions and can enhance job satisfaction, improve the status of nurses, and relieve the burden on physicians. 3 Physicians are then allowed more time to provide care to those with severe conditions. 4 Furthermore, the quality of medical care can be improved, and the waiting time reduced. Increasing prescriptive authority for midwives improves care for childbearing people because it increases access to care, streamlines care, and ensures that each person is getting the medical care that from the provider they are seeing. These changes

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Investigation and analysis of attitudes and knowledge of aging among students in different majors

and non-nursing students Variables Profession n M ± SD t P Appreciate NS 131 76.32 ± 13.57 −2.35 0.01 N-NS 134 79.83 ± 10.53 Prejudice NS 131 81.09 ± 9.41 −0.93 0.35 N-NS 134 82.12 ± 8.46 Total score NS 131 157.42 ± 18.07 −2.07 0.03 N-NS 134 161.84 ± 16.61 Aging knowledge NS N-NS 131 134 10.71 ± 3.08 10.81 ± 3.15 −0.25 0.80 Table 4 Multiple linear regression analysis of the influence of occupational willingness of nursing students and non

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Self- perceived stress in relation to anxiety, depression and health-related quality of life among health professions students: A cross-sectional study from Bosnia and Herzegovina

competitive, and an uncertain future ( 5 , 6 ). Numerous studies analysed the correlation between exposure to aforementioned stressors and students’ health ( 7 , 8 ). It has been shown that stress has a significant, negative impact on overall health ( 7 - 9 ) and may cause mental problems, deleterious dietary changes ( 10 ) as well as generate poor coping skills leading to aggressive behaviour and somatic disorders ( 11 ). Although it is not well-known whether health professions education differs from other higher education, it is generally considered as highly

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The Basis and the Structure of the Tertiary Socialization Field and the “Youth-Affairs” as an Autonomous Area


Many models have been made during the study of the chronology and areas of the socialization process and thus the extrafamilial and extracurricular platforms have often been in focus. Many theories have been created about the periods preceding adulthood, i.e. youth. Now, on the borderline of the two areas a new profession is in the making, targeting youth in an extrafamilial and extracurricular context. This new area deserves thorough analysis with a focus on theoretical background since models of leisure environments outside the family and school are now on the same footing with youth education and socialization. The current study deals with leisure environment and youth. It reviews theories of socialization environments and venues, provides a grouping of them and introduces a new theory that best fits into the conceptual apparatus of the youth area and serves as a solid foundation for it. In addition, scientific and international agreements pertaining to the periods of youth will be looked at, and an attempt will be made to create a break-down by age group that is best adaptable to the extrafamilial and curricular environment. It must be stressed that the present study does not deal with the repertory of socialization themes, such as gender socialization, moral socialization, political socialization and others, but merely those environments where these take place.

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