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Iron(II) modified natural zeolites for hexavalent chromium removal from contaminated water

a clinoptilolite–Fe system with high Cu sorption capacity, Chemosphere , 67, pp. 731–740. Eary, L.E. & Rai, D. (1987). Kinetics of chromium(III) oxidation to chromium(VI) by reaction with manganese dioxide, Environmental Science & Technology , 27, pp. 1187–1193. Eary, L.E. & Rai, D. (1988). Chromate removal from aqueous wastes by reduction with ferrous ion, Environmental Science & Technology , 22, pp. 972–977. Erdogan, B.C. & Ulku, S. (2012). Cr(VI) sorption by using clinoptilolite and bacteria loaded clinoptilolite rich mineral, Microporous

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ADM1-based modeling of anaerobic codigestion of maize silage and cattle manure – a feedstock characterisation for model implementation (part I) / Modelowanie kofermentacji kiszonki kukurydzy i obornika bydlęcego za pomocą ADM1 – charakterystyka wsadu surowcowego (część I)

References Antonopoulou, G., Gavala, H.N., Skiadas, I.V. & Lyberatos, G. (2012). ADM1-based modeling of methane production from acidified sweet sorghum extract in a two stage process, Bioresource Technology, 106, pp. 10-19. APHA (American Public Health Association) (1992). Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 18th ed., American Public Health Association, Washington 1992. Batstone, D.J., Keller, J., Angelidaki, I., Kalyuzhnyi, S.V., Pavlostathis, S.G., Rozzi, A., Sanders, W.T.M., Siegrist

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Effect of Some Oenological Practices Applied Before the Alcoholic Fermentation on the Chemical Composition and Sensory Characteristics of White Wines

. 10, no. 2, pp. 94–98. e- ISSN 1459-0263. CORDESI, C. – RAPEANU, G. – ALEXE, P. 2012b. Effect of β-glucosidases in the making of Chardonnay wines. In The Annals of the University Dunarea de Jos of Galati, Fascicle VI – Food Technology, vol. 36, no. 1, pp. 9–17. ISSN 1843–5157, e-ISSN 2068–259X. FALQUE, E., FERNANDEZ, E. – DUBOURDIEU, D. 2001. Differentiation of white wines by their aromatic index. In Talanta [online], vol. 54, pp. 271–281. ISSN 0039-9140. Available at: http

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Effects of Different Agro-Based Materials on Composting of Pulp/Paper-Mill Sludge

., Eklind, Y. & Kircman, H. (2003). Composting of Source-Separated Household Organics at Different Oxygen Levels: Gaining an Undertandaing of the Emission Dynamics, Compost Science & Utilization, 11, 41-50. [4] Bernal, M.P., Alburquerque, J.A. & Moral, R. (2009). Composting of animal manures and chemical criteria for compost maturity asessment: A review, Bioresource Technology, 100, 5444-5453, DOI: 10.1016/j biortech.2008.11.027. [5] Campbell, A., Folk, R. & Tripepi, R. (1997). Wood ash as an amendment in municipal sludge and yard waste

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Optimization with Response Surface Methodology of biosorption conditions of Hg(II) ions from aqueous media by Polyporus Squamosus fungi as a new biosorbent

Journal of Environmental Science and Technology,11, 3, pp. 813-822. Bhatti, H.N. & Amin, M. (2013). Removal of zirconium(IV) from aqueous solution by Coriolus versicolor: Equilibrium and thermodynamic study, Ecological Engineering, 51, pp. 178-180. Chi, G., Hu, S., Yang, Y. & Chen, T. (2012). Response surface methodology with prediction uncertainty: A multi-objective optimization approach, Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 90, pp. 1235-1244. Eom, Y., Won, J.H., Ryu, J.Y. & Lee, T.G. (2011). Biosorption of mercury

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Removal of copper from copper-contaminated river water and aqueous solutions using Methylobacterium extorquens modified Erzurum clayey soil

References Ahmad, A., Rafatullah, M., Sulaiman, O., Ibrahim, M.H., Chii, Y.Y. & Siddique, B.M. (2009). Removal of Cu (II) and Pb (II) ions from aqueous solutions by adsorption on sawdust of Meranti wood, Desalination, 247, pp. 636-646. Aksu, Z. (2001). Equilibrium and kinetic modelling of cadmium (II) biosorption by C. vulgaris in a batch system: effect of temperature, Separation and Purification Technology, 21, pp. 285-294. Aksu, Z. & Isoglu, I.A. (2005). Equilibrium and kinetic modelling of cadmium (II

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Directional sensitivity of differential pressure sensors of gas velocity used in manual gravimetric measurements of dust emissions from stationary sources / Czułość kierunkowa różnicowo-ciśnieniowych czujników prędkości gazu stosowanych w manualnych pomiarach grawimetrycznych emisji zanieczyszczeń pyłowych ze źródeł stacjonarnych

. Kabza, Z. & Kostyrko, K. (2003). Metrology of indoor microclimate and environmental physical quantities. Part 1, Publishing House of the Opole University of Technology, Opole 2003. (in Polish) Kateusz, P. (2000). Research on effect of gas stream turbulence on the accuracy of velocity measurement with differential pressure type sensors, Ph.D. thesis, Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice 2000. (in Polish) Kateusz, P., Popiołek, Z. & Szulikowski, J. (2001). Uncertainty of flue gas velocity measurement by means of the cylindrical and

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Effect of Hydraulic Retention Time and Filling Time on Simultaneous Biodegradation of Phenol, Resorcinol and Catechol in a Sequencing Batch Reactor

References [1] Orhon, D., & Babuna, F.G. (2009). Industrial wastewater treatment by activated sludge, IWA Publishing, London 2009. [2] Mall, I.D. (2007). Petrochemical process technology, Macmillan, New Delhi 2007. [3] CPCB. Pollution Control Acts, Rules and Notifications Issued There Under. Central Pollution Control Board. Ministry of Environment and Forests, Delhi, India 2006. [4] Edalatmanesh, M., Mehrvar, M., & Dhib, R. (2008). Optimization of phenol degradation in a combined

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Operation mode and external carbon dose as determining factors in elemental composition and morphology of aerobic granules

References APHA. (1992). Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater , 18 th edn. APHA, AWWA and WEF, Washington, 1992. Cassidy, D.P. & Belia, E. (2005). Nitrogen and phosphorus removal from an abattoir wastewater in a SBR with aerobic granular sludge, Water Research , 39(19), pp. 4817–4823. Castaing, R. (1951). Application of electron probes to local chemical and crystallographic analysis, PhD Thesis, University of Paris 1951 [English translation by Duwez, P. and Wittry, D.B., California Institute of Technology, 1955

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The effect of ultrasonic disintegration process conditions on the physicochemical characteristics of excess sludge

assisted method to increase soluble chemical oxygen demand (SCOD) of sewage sludge for digestion, Ultrasonics Sonochemistry , 12, 1–2, pp. 115–120. Jiang, J., Yang, S., Chen, M. & Zhang, Q. (2009). Disintegration of sewage sludge with bifrequency ultrasonic treatment, Water Science & Technology , 60, 6, pp. 1445–1453. Khanal, S.K., Isik, H., Sung, S. & Avan Leeuwen, J. (2006). Ultrasonic conditioning of waste activated sludge for enhanced aerobic digestion, in: Proceedings of IWA Specialized Conference-Sustainable Sludge Management : State of the Art

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