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On the spatial differentiation of energy transitions: Exploring determinants of uneven wind energy developments in the Czech Republic

development. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 54(4): 539–557. CZECH STATISTICAL OFFICE (2011): Data from Population Census 2011 [online] Available at: CZECH WIND ENERGY ASSOCIATION (CWEA) (2018): Current installation in wind [online]. Available at: DALLA VALLE, A., FURLAN, C. (2011): Forecasting accuracy of wind power technology diffusion models across countries. International Journal of Forecasting, 27(2): 592–601. DAVIES, S. W., DIAZ-RAINEY, I

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Industrial clusters in a post-socialist country: The case of the wine industry in Slovakia

, J. (1990): Teritoriálne priemyselné útvary Slovenska. Bratislava, Univerzita Komenského. MÖLLER, J., LITZEL, N. (2008): Measuring specialisation and concentration in regional clusters – an empirical analysis for Eastern Bavaria. In: Maier, G., Blien, U. [eds.]: The Economics of Regional Clusters (pp. 119–144.). Cheltenham, Edward Elgar. MORRISON, A., RABELLOTTI, R. (2009): Knowledge and Information Networks in an Italian Wine Cluster. European Planning Studies, 17(7): 983–1006. NCSR (2009): Decree No. 350/2009 Coll., which implements certain

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