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Make Love at War? Representing Gender and Memory in the Soviet Estonian Film Dark Windows (Pimedad aknad, Tõnis Kask, 1968)

REFERENCES Anonymous 1967. ‘Filmitegijate töömailt’. – Sirp ja Vasar , 15 September. Attwood, Lynne 1993. ‘Women, Cinema and Society’. – Lynne Attwood (ed.), Red Women on the Silver Screen: Soviet Women and Cinema from the Beginning to the End of the Communist Era . London: Pandora Press, 19–124. Baraban, Elena 2007. ‘ The Fate of a Man by Sergei Bondarchuk and the Soviet Cinema of Trauma’. – The Slavic and East European Journal 51, 3, 514–534. Edgerton, Gary R. 2001. ‘Introduction: Television as Historian. A Different Kind of

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Exploring the Ways Cinematography Affects Viewers’ Perceived Empathy towards Onscreen Characters

REFERENCES Andréasson, Per 2010. Emotional Empathy, Facial Reactions, and Facial Feedback. Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis. Digital Comprehensive Summaries of Uppsala Dissertations from the Faculty of Social Sciences 58. Uppsala: Uppsala Universitet. Berliner, Todd; Cohen, Dale J. 2011. ‘The Illusion of Continuity: Active Perception and the Classical Editing System’. – Journal of Film and Video 63, 1, 44–63. Bickart, Kevin C.; Dickerson, Bradford C.; Barrett, Lisa Feldman 2014. ‘The Amygdala as a Hub in Brain Networks That Support Social

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Painful Neutrality: Screening the Extradition of the Balts from Sweden

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The Branding Potential for the Digital Transmission of Live-Operas to the Cinema: An International Comparison of Estonia and Germany

, Mats 2003. ‘Beyond Neopositivists, Romantics, and Localists: A Reflexive Approach to Interviews in Organizational Research’. - Academy of Management Review 28, 1, 13-33. Backhaus, Klaus; Erichson, Bernd; Weiber, Rolf 2015. Fortgeschrittene multivariate Analysemethoden. Eine anwendungsorientierte Einführung. Heidelberg: Springer Gabler. Balmer, John M. T. 2008. ‘Identity Based Views of the Corporation: Insights from Corporate Identity, Organisational Identity, Social Identity, Visual Identity, Corporate Brand Identity and Corporate

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Heroes and Social Criticism in the Works of Valeria Anderson

. 2008. A New History of Documentary Film. New York: Continuum. Эльманович, Татяна 1975. Образ факта. От публицистики к фильму на эстонском телевидении. Москва: Искусство. Elmanovitš, Tatjana 1976. ‘Eesti kinematografistide kongressi eel’. - Sirp ja Vasar, 9 April. Elmanovitš, Tatjana 1977. ‘Dokumentaalfilmidest 1976’. - Sirp ja Vasar, 18 March. Elme, Toivo 1977. ‘Mitte ainult leivast…’. - Sirp ja Vasar, 13 May. Фомин, Валерий (ed.) 2012. История киноотрасли в России: управление

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Global Multi-Protagonist Trends in a Local Setting: The Case of Frozen Land and Autumn Ball

Parallel Narrative’. - Linda Aronson. (14 August 2017). Azcona, Maria del Mar 2005. ‘Making Sense of a Multi-Protagonist Film: Audience Response Research and Robert Altman’s Short Cuts (1993)’. - Miscelánea: A Journal of English and American Studies 32, 11-22. Azcona, Maria del Mar 2008. ‘Love Is a Many-Person’d Thing: Multi-Protagonist Tales of Contemporary Desire’. - Bells: Barcelona English Language and Literature Studies 17, 1-13. Azcona, Maria del Mar

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On the Links between Caricatures and Animated Films in Communist Eastern Europe

:// (1 October 2017). Krikmann, Arvo 2002. ‘Sissejuhatavat huumorist ja rahvanaljast: ained, mõisted, teooriad’. - Keel ja Kirjandus 12, 833-847. Lombardi-Satriani, Luigi 1974. ‘Folklore as Culture of Contestation’. - Journal of the Folklore Institute 11, 1/2, 99-121. Loseff, Lev 1984. On the Beneficence of Censorship: Aesopian Language in Modern Russian Literature. München: Verlag Otto Sagner in Kommission. Lutz, Edwin Georg 1926. Animated Cartoons: How They Are Made, Their Origin and

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“Something is Immensely Rotten in the Media Republic”. The Information Dimension of the Refugee Crisis in Europe

). Abgerufen von Deutschland, deine Ängste (2016, Januar 17). Die Welt. Abgerufen von KAMANN M. (2016, Dezember 20). Die Ekel-Provokationen der AfD folgen einem Drehbuch. Die Welt. Abgerufen von BIERMANN K. et al. (2016, Februar 23). Der Terror der anderen. Die Zeit. Abgerufen von ROSSMANN A. (2016, Januar 13). Schaut auf diese Stadt! Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Abgerufen von Analyse: Fragiles Klima in

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Post-Soviet Trauma in the Nordic Imagination: Occupation and Sex Trafficking in Purge and Lilya 4-Ever

References Ahmed, Sara 2004. The Cultural Politics of Emotion. New York: Taylor & Francis Group. Alexander, Jeffrey C. 2004. ‘Toward a Theory of Cultural Trauma’. - Jeffrey C. Alexander (ed.), Cultural Trauma and Collective Identity. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1-30. Benedek, Márton 2011. ‘I Wanted to Tear Those Stereotypes Apart. An Interview with Sofi Oksanen’. - Hungarian Literature Online, 7 May. (20 April 2014

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The Role of Twitter in the First Week of Ferguson Unrests in August 2014

:// TUFEKCI Z., (2014), What Happens to # Ferguson Affects Ferguson: Net Neutrality, Algorithmic Filtering and Ferguson, [online: April 26, 2018], VEGA T., 2014, Shooting Spurs Hashtag Effort on Stereotypes, [online: March 22, 2018], YE HE LEE, 2015, “Hands up, don’t shoot” did not happen in Ferguson, [online: March 22, 2018], https

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