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Permissão Para Degradar: Uma Análise Crítica Dos Biodiversity Offsets Nas Práticas Conservacionistas

, Collective action dynamics under external rewards: experimental insights from Andean farming communities, World Development , 40(10), 2096–2107. Norgaard, R.B., 2010, Ecosystem services: From eye-opening metaphor to complexity blinder. Ecological Economics , 69 (6), 1219–1227. Norton, B.G., 2000, Biodiversity and environmental values: In search of a universal earth ethic. Biodiversity and Conservation , 9 (8), 1029–1044. O’Neill, J., 1997, Value Pluralism, Incommensurability and Institutions. In: J. Foster (Ed.), Valuing nature? Ethics, economics

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Strategic and Tactical Totalization in the Totalitarian Epoch

“it would be more widespread and kinder; it would debase men without tormenting them.” Id . at 804. Part II of this paper briefly explains why it is important for un-determined and under-determined legal norms to be settled within plural domains, especially domains of private ordering whenever possible (an argument I have made in book length elsewhere A DAM J. M ACLEOD , P ROPERTY AND P RACTICAL R EASON (2015). ). Because basic human goods are incommensurable and affirmative responsibilities are open-ended, most duties of abstention and all affirmative

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Jewish Rhetorics and the Contemplation of a Diminished Future

. To have followed the story until they found it and to have found Earth no solution seems, in some measure of analogy that is at once utterly incommensurable and yet non-trivial, to be even more like the personal experience you fear in prospect of being one of the “fortunate” survivors of mass catastrophe. Yet along with that grand narrative arc, I think the writers and performers do an extraordinary job of modeling people continuing, albeit in both heroic and treacherous ways, to live more or less as mortals do under “normal” existential conditions, that is, as

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How to Respond to Conflicts Over Value Pluralism?

incommensurability, and if there is a lack of self-reflexivity among the socio-cultural groups involved in these conflicts, in other words if these groups are unable to give up the illusion of cultural self-sufficiency. Moreover, the plea for cultural self-reflexivity can be accused of being elitist, only within reach for highly educated, as the sociological analysis of value conflicts in the second section of this paper has shown. Unfortunately, the dynamics of these conflicts is anything but reflective, but rather fuelled by people’s immediate feeling that their socio

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Vulnerability and Resilience in a Socio-Spatial Perspective
A Social-Scientific Approach

associations between non-social entities. The social does not come to light as a separate domain of objects but rather exposes itself in the dynamic of the production of all kinds of associations. Social dynamics connect heterogeneous and incommensurable (i.e. of differing nature or quality) entities that are not compatible but nonetheless interact with one another on the same level. Social relations do thus not only exist between humans, but can also emerge between humans and machines or even find expression in the interaction of objects. 3.2 On the Concept of

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Acting on Multiple Stages
How Musical Actors Construct Their Labour-Market Vulnerability and Resilience

while neglecting the aspects of materiality and physicality ( Holt 2008 : 236 ff.). In the approach employed here the social aspect of labour markets is not seen as a quality attributed to the object of inquiry but rather as the work and effort of actively associating entities with rather incommensurable qualities ( Latour 2005 : 1 ff.). This perspective can also benefit spatial-science research on creative labour markets, which has until now tended to see labour market uncertainties as spatially independent as opposed to attributing a distinctly local dimension to

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