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A discourse analysis of managerialism and trust amongst nursing professionals

, which considered an important leader characteristic. Research suggests that nurse managers play a significant role in positively and negatively influencing trust within health service organisations ( Calnan and Rowe, 2006 ; Tallman, 2007 ). Laschinger and Finegan (2005) found that organisational ‘restructuring’ in Canadian health service organisations led to decreasing levels of trust between nurses and managers. Low levels of trust can result in declining levels of morale and commitment, and increased levels of work-related stress amongst nursing professionals

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Management adaptation of business association services: long-term stability 1783-2012 and ‘change points’ for Irish chambers of commerce

organisations by Aldrich. Instead, three of the oldest chambers generally grew fastest in the upswing and retained most in the downswing. The exception to this trend was Limerick, the third oldest chamber, which remained remarkably stable through the whole period, responding to growth opportunities only from 2009. It is perhaps the leading example of a slow-responding incumbent. However, from 2009, it began to take strategic action. It feared the effects of the economic stresses on its members. It expanded services to raise user fees (mainly from certificates) and keep

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Critical success factors for build–operate–transfer (BOT) projects in China

management of projects and services to the private sector ( Rosenau, 2000 ). National Audit Office (2000) found evidence of major cost savings, while authors such as Hall (1998) are less optimistic about the supposed benefits of PPP projects. For example, national audit reports have frequently discovered operational problems such as the authorities’ lack of experience in managing PFI contracts ( NAO, 2003 ). PPP explores the full range of private sector management and commercial and creative skills ( Rosenau, 2000 ). To stress these aspects of a PPP relationship, Hart

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