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Evaluation of Cost Estimation Techniques in Drc Valuation: A Comparative Assessment of Valuers and Quantity Surveyors in Lagos State

Contemporary Models on Valuation Practice in Nigeria, Hong Kong SAR, TS 3C- Valuation Practice, Strategic Integration of Survey of Services, FIG Week, 13-17. Quantity Surveying. Retrieved from (2010, October 2) Breedt, J. (2010). “Estimating: A valid exercise or a false sense of security?” An unpublished B.Sc dissertation submitted to the Department of Built Environment and Information Technology University of Pretoria, South-Africa. Brook, M. (2017). Estimating and tendering for

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Assessment of Factors Affecting the Foreign Investment Attraction in Iran

References Aharoni, Y. (1966). The foreign investment decision process. The International Executive, 8(4), 13- 14. Anwar, S., & Sun, S. (2011). Financial development, foreign investment and economic growth in Malaysia. Journal of Asian Economics, 22(4), 335-342. Asiedu, E. (2002). On the determinants of foreign direct investment to developing countries: is Africa different? World development, 30(1), 107-119.

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Factors Influencing Green Roof Development in Recife, Brazil

. (2016). Instituto cidade jardim. Retrieved October 4, 2017, from Saiz, S., Kennedy, C., Bass, B., & Pressnail, K. (2006). Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Standard and Green Roofs. Environmental Science & Technology, 40(13), 4312-4316. Savi, A. C. (2012). Telhados Verdes: Análise Comparativa de Custo com Sistemas Tradicionais de Cobertura. Monografia (Sustainable

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Irregular Receipts Leading to Budget Deficits in Kosovo

-20. Retrieved from Kosovo’s Assembly. (2008). Law no. 03/L-048 on management and accountability of public finances, 1-45. Retrieved from Kosovo’s Assembly. (2011). Law no. 004/L-001 on Budget of Republic of Kosovo for the year 2011. 1-13. Retrieved from Kosovo’s Assembly. (2013a). Law no. 004/L-165 on Budget of Republic of Kosovo for the year 2013, 1-11. Retrieved from

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Eco-Economics in Cities and Rural Areas

. Nkonya, E., Mirzabaev, A., & von Braun, J. (Eds.). (2016). Economics of Land Degradation and Improvement: A Global Assessment for Sustainable Development. Springer Open. (n. d.). The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 1981: James Tobin. Retrieved March 13, 2018 from Patomäki, H. (2001). Democratising Globalisation: The Leverage of the Tobin Tax. Zed Books. Qadir, M., Quillérou, E., Nangia, V

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Housing Heterogeneity Dimensions and Their Elements: a Systemic Approach

., & Michelsen, C. (2016). Housing Market Fundamentals, Housing Quality and EnergyConsumption: Evidence from Germany. The Energy Journal, 37(4), 25-43. Daud, N. (2015). Real Estate Education: Taking Needs and Issues into Consideration. Articles of 7th WAVO Valuation Congress (12th - 13th November 2015. Beijing. China. Retrieved October 10, 2016, from Dezhi, L., Yanchao, C., Hongxia, C., Kai, G., Chi-Man Hui, E., & Yang, J. (2016). Assessing the integrated sustainability of a

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A Values-Led Planning Approach for Sustainable Land Use and Development

References Auziņš, A. (2013). Evaluation Methodology of Land Use Efficiency in Land Management (Summary of the doctoral thesis, Riga Technical University). CEC - Commission of the European Communities. (1997). The EU Compendium of Spatial Planning Systems and Policies. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. Retrieved from COMMIN. (2007). Comparison of Planning Systems and BSR

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Arguments Used for Restricting International Real Property Transactions: Case Study of Latvia Latvian Security Police. (2013). Annual Report. Retrieved from Latvian Security Police. (2014). Annual Report. Retrieved from Lazarus, M. L. (1987). An Historical Analysis of Alien Land Law: Washington Territory and State. University of Puget Sound Law Review, 12:197. Retrieved from http

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Social Partner Involvement in Latvia Special Economic Zones

References Argüelles, M., Benavides, C., & Fernández, I. (2014). A new approach to the identification of regional clusters: hierarchical clustering on principal components. Applied Economics, 46(21), 2511-2519. Chen, M. H., Wang, H. Y., Chang, Y. Y., & Hung, A. (2014). Knowledge sharing, social capital and firm performance in technological clusters of Taiwan Science Parks: An innovation strategy perspective. 2014 Portland International Center for Management of Engineering and

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Research on Factors Affecting Real Estate Values by Data Mining

, 3(2). Çakır, P., & Sesli, F. A. (2013). Arsa Vasıflı Taşınmazların Değerine Etki Eden Faktörlerin ve Bu Faktörlerin Önem Sıralarının Belirlenmesi, Determination of Factors Affecting the Real Estate Value of Land Property and the Rank of Importance of these Factors, 2013(13), 1-16. Campos, V., Bueno, C., Brancher, J., Matsunaga, F., and Negrao, R. (2015). Knowledge Discovery Using an Integration of Clustering and Classification to Support Decision-Making in E-commerce. Advances in Economics and Business, 3(8), 329-336. https

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