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Between Diplomacy and Paradiplomacy: Taiwan's Foreign Relations in Current Practice

Representative Office in Bratislava). The purpose of this study is to familiarize the reader with the specific character of Taiwan’s activities in international relations from the viewpoint of the practical performance of its foreign activities. At the same time, it also aims to compare the diplomatic and quasidiplomatic or paradiplomatic activities of Taiwan, especially with emphasis on their institutional backgrounds, legal regulations, and other conditions for their practical performance. Given the fact that the notions of diplomacy and paradiplomacy, with which we are

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Online Comments as a Tool of Intercultural (Russian–Czech) “Anti-Dialog”

& Ratsiburskaya 2011 ; Yevstaf’yeva 2009 ). The aims of this study were to 1) provide a critical linguistic analysis of Russian readers’ comments made on Czech analytic journalism on sociopolitical topics published in Russian translation at; 2) analyze the verbal positions of regular Russian readers of political journalism on the opinions of the Czech public regarding contemporary Russia and consequently on Czechs and the Czech Republic in general; 3) identify the main stereotypical motives that serve as the basis for the commenters’ arguments and that are

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“Now I know Norway from within”
Boundary Work and Belonging in Au Pairs’ Narratives

, gendered, racial and class lenses ( Hess & Puckhaber 2004 ; Anderson 2007 ; Cox 2007 ; Durin 2015 ). In Norwegian academia and the media, au pairs (mainly Filipinos) have been portrayed as victims of exploitation ( Øien 2009 ; Bikova 2010 ; Sollund 2010 ; Isaksen & Stenum 2011 ). This article aims to use different research optics and consider au pairs as subjects of perception in the receiving context rather than objects of locals’ views. By the fact of relocation, immigrants immerse themselves in a new social structure and culture, rules of communication and a

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Exploring Subbordia – the impact of suburbanisation in cross-border metropolitan regions. The case study of Szczecin and its German hinterland

on both sides as a breath of fresh air, allowing each side to discover their neighbours for the first time. On a personal level the Poles started to use the new freedom for shopping. Consequently, the Germans came to perceive the Poles as competitors for the limited number of products available in a command economy ( Aischmann 2012 : 129). However, the number of cooperation agreements increased, resulting in a more pragmatic view of each other. While the Poles perceived the economic situation in the GDR as positive, the Germans appreciated the relative freedom in

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“To Promote the General Welfare”: Addressing Political Corruption in America

sometimes welfare-reducing impulses, which is the central point of representative democracy. It is beyond the scope of this Essay to consider the implications of the new behavioral economics. See, e.g ., Raj Chetty, Behavioral Economics and Public Policy: A Pragmatic Perspective , 105 A M . E CON . R EV .: P APERS & P ROC . 1, 1-3 (2015). But on the public choice incentives of policymakers, voters, and consumers, see Isaiah Berlin, Two Concepts of Liberty , in L IBERTY : I NCORPORATING F OUR E SSAYS ON L IBERTY 166, 183-85 (Henry Hardy ed., 2002), discussing

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Balancing altruism and self-interest: GP and patient implications

people are being charged for relevant services so that the practice can actually function. (GP 28 [E]) This seemed to be less of an issue for owners, who tended to adopt a more pragmatic attitude. Owners speaking about the issue did not generally make reference to discomfort; however, neither did they view matters coldly: (W)e do expect people to pay, but when people are unable to pay, even the secretary would be told if she gets any sense that someone is in financial difficulties, that they would just give us ... nod us a wink so that we won’t be embarrassing

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Employee engagement and performance: a systematic literature review

article is of the systematic review type, with elements of bibliometric analysis. It is aimed to synthesize the current state of knowledge by presenting a structured analysis and the aggregated findings. For academics, this type of review enables the maintenance of scientific rigor. For employers/managers, the reviewing process facilitates accumulation of credible knowledge from various sources [ Tranfield et al., 2003 ]. In carrying out the review, a comprehensive search strategy with an explicit process of selecting articles is being set out. The process of extracting

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Feeling like a State. The Sentiments Tide of Swiss Diplomacy through the Eye of the Algorithm

ideological culturalism and, at worse, phrenology to creationism. Thus, while considering any finite set of ›basic emotions‹ as an epistemic construct, we also recognise its pragmatic value and necessity. We retain that natural language provides names for sentiments, which can serve as a classification basis. We also pose that language participates in the mental state of its speaker, by encouraging her to conceive her emotions in a specific way. In turn, her use of a given vocabulary to express her emotions contributes to the reification of this vocabulary and of the

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Adventures in Higher Education, Happiness, And Mindfulness

cultivate the mind to expand the depth of knowledge about our world. European-American learning focuses on developing these four essential pursuits: active engagement, critical thinking, exploration, and self-expression. In an East Asian model of learning arising from an Eastern intellectual tradition of Confucius, education focuses on developing ethical character and personal excellence. East Asian learning centers on five key virtues aimed at perfecting the moral self: concentration, diligence, endurance, perseverance, and sincerity. These different models of learning

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