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Effect of repeated fire on understory plant species diversity in Saravan forests, northern Iran

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Effect of canopy density on litter invertebrate community structure in pine forests

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Relation between plant species diversity and landscape variables in Central-European dry grassland fragments and their successional derivates

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The role of classical and modern teaching methods in business education

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Book reviews

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Patterns of vegetation composition across levels of canopy disturbance in temperate forests of west Himalaya, India

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Algal Bio-Indication in Assessment of Hydrological Impact on Ecosystem in Wetlands of “Slavyansky Resort”

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Reproductive Ecology of Bruguiera cylindrica (L.) Bl. (Rhizophoraceae), A True Viviparous Mangrove Tree Species in Coringa Mangrove Forest, Andhra Pradesh (India)

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Role of Plant Dominants on Abandoned Tailings Containment from Manganese-Ore Maining in Chvaletice, Eastern Bohemia, Czech Republic (Overview of Long-Term Case Studies)

R eferences Bryndová, I., & Kovář, P., (2004). Dynamics of the demographic parameters of the clonal plant Calamagrostis epigejos (L.) Roth in two kinds of industrial deposits (Abandoned sedimentation basins in Bukovina and Chvaletice). In: Kovář P. [ed.]: Natural Recovery of Human-Made Deposits in Landscape (pp. 267–276), (Biotic Interactions and Ore/Ash-Slag Artificial Ecosystems), Academia, Prague. Dostál, P., & Kovář, P., (2013). Seed rain and seed persistence of Calamagrostis epigejos. (L.) Roth in extreme ecotoxicological conditions as an

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Genome-Wide and Mla Locus-Specific Characterisation of Latvian Barley Varieties

-348. Halterman, D. A., Wei, F., Wise, R. P. (2003). Powdery mildew-induced Mla mRNAs are alternatively spliced and contain multiple upstream open reading frames. Plant Physiol. , 131, 558-567. Jaccoud, D., Peng, K., Feinstein, D., Kilian, A. (2001). Diversity arrays: A solid state technology for sequence information independent genotyping. Nucleic Acids Res. , 29, E25. Jensen, H. (1995). Presence of barley powdery mildew resistance gene Mla8 in some ‘Pallas’ near-isogenic barley lines. Barley Gen. Newslett. , 24, 71

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