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Landscape Ecological Structure in the Eastern Part of the North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve, Latvia

, Ž., Brūmelis, G., Liepiņš, I., Nikodemus, O., Tabors, G. (2001). Floristic diversity, richness and evenness during secondary succession on abandoned agricultural land in Latvia. Proc. Latvian Acad. Sci., Section B , 55(1), 35-42. Hanski, I., (1998). Metalopulation dynamics. Nature , 396, 41-49. Johnson, E. A. (1992). Fire and vegetation dynamics; studies from the North American boreal forest. Cambridge University Press, p. 129. Jordán, F., Báldi, A., Orci, K.-M., Rácz, I., Varga, Z

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Structure and dynamics of a public bike-sharing system. Case study of the public transport system in Białystok

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Retrospective Analysis of Land Use Land Cover Dynamics Using GIS and Remote sensing in Central Highlands of Ethiopia

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Carex disperma – not yet extinct species in old-growth swampy forests of Lithuania

the Baltic countries, 3: 337-366. - Tartu. Baškytė R., Bezaras V., Kavaliauskas P., Klimav ičius A., Raščius G., 2006: Lietuvos saugomos teritorijos. - Kaunas. Braun-Blanquet J., 1964: Pflanzensoziologie -Grundzüge der Vegetationskunde. - Berlin-New York. Čiuplys R., 2004: Notes on the diversity and distribution of communities of the Vaccinio-Piceetea class in Lithuania. - In: Brzeg A., Wojterska M. (eds.), Coniferous forest vegetation - Differentiation, dynamics and transformations: 35-47. - Poznan

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A Framework for Creating Value from Fleet Data at Ecosystem Level

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Fluvial lakes affect on phosphorus and potassium concentrations in the Samica Stęszewska River

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Study of the genetic diversity of Korean, Chinese and Japanese landraces of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) using microsatellites

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Chloroplast DNA Variation of Carapa guianensis in the Amazon basin

refugia: Hotspots but not melting pots of genetic diversity. Science 300: 1563-1565. PONS, O. and R. J. PETIT (1996): Measuring and testing genetic differentiation with ordered versus unordered alleles. Genetics 144: 1237-1245. PONS, O. and R. J. PETIT (1995): Estimation, variance and optimal sampling of gene diversity. 1. Haploid locus. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 90: 462-470. SALO, J., R. KALLIOLA, I. HAKKINEN, Y. MAKINEN, P. NIEMELA, M. PUHAKKA and P. D. COLEY (1986): River dynamics and the diversity of Amazon

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Microbiological Activity in the Soil of Various Agricultural Crops in Organic Production

.K., VIVANCO, J.M.: Root exudates regulate soil fungal community composition and diversity. Applied and Environmental Microbiology , 74: 738-744, 2008. CINNADURAI, C., GOPALASWAMY, G., BALACHANDAR, D.: Diversity of cultivable Azotobacter in the semi-arid alfisol receiving long-term organic and inorganic nutrient amendments. Annals of Microbiology , l63: 1397–1404, 2013. DARBYSHIRE, J.F., GREAVES, M.P.: Protozoa and bacteria in the rhizosphere of Sinapis alba L., Trifolium repens L., and Lolium perenne L. Canadian Journal of Microbiology, 13: 1057

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Biodiversity Evaluation of Geotrichum candidum Link. Is Arthrosporic Nucleus Number in Geotrichum candidum related to the Fungus Biodiversity?

. Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures, Utrecht. Fiddy C, Trinci APJ (1976): Nuclei, septation, branching and growth of Geotrichum candidum . Journal of General Microbiology, 97, 185–192. doi: 10.1099/00221287-97-2-185. Hudecová A, Valík Ľ, Liptáková D (2010): Effect of lactic acid bacteria on growth dynamics of Geotrichum candidum during co-culture in milk. Potravinárstvo, 4, 387–395. (in Slovak) Hudecová A, Valík Ľ, Liptáková D (2011): Surface growth of Geotrichum candidum : Effect of the environmental factors on its dynamics. Potravinárstvo, 5, 17

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