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The Evolution of Family Farms in Poland: Present Time and the Weight of the Past

domu [ The World at One’s Doorstep ] Jagiellonian University Press Kraków Gorlach, K., Seręga Z., 1993. ‘From Repressive Tolerance to Oppressive Freedom: Polish Family Farms in Transition’, [in:] J.C. Huther, B. Synak, Post-Communist Poland: From Totalitarianisn to Democracy? Nova Science Publisher, Commack, N.Y. Gorlach K. Seręga Z. 1993 ‘From Repressive Tolerance to Oppressive Freedom: Polish Family Farms in Transition’ Huther J.C. Synak B. Post-Communist Poland: From Totalitarianisn to Democracy

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Intra-European Migrants and the Question of Integration:
Citizenship In The Lives Of Finnish Migrants In Europe

Smith & A Favell, Transaction, New Brunswick, NJ, pp. 1-28. Favell, A & Recchi, E 2009, ‘Pioneers of European Integration: an introduction’ in Pioneers of European integration. Citizenship and mobility in the EU, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, pp. 1–25. Faist, T 2000, The volume and dynamics of international migration and transnational social spaces , Oxford University Press, Oxford. Faist, T, Fauser, M & Reisenauer, E 2013, Transnational migration , Polity Press, Cambridge. Fligstein, N 2008, Euroclash: The EU, European identity, and the

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Population, professional and client views on the dangerousness of addictions: testing the familiarity hypothesis

-398 Christie, N. & Bruun, K. (1986): Hyvä vihollinen. Huumausainepolitiikka Pohjolassa. (Good enemy. Drug policy in Nordic countries). Espoo: Weilin+Göös Delos Reyes, C.M. (2002): Overcoming pessimism about treatment of addictions. JAMA 287: 1857 Edwards, G. (2010): The trouble with drink: why ideas matter. Addiction 105: 797-804 Forsell, M. & Virtanen, M. & Jääskeläinen, M. & Alho, A. & Partanen, A. (2010): Huumetilanne Suomessa 2010 (Finland - Drug Situation 2010). Raportti 40 (National Report to

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Transnational Political Activities of the Swedish Finn Youth Organization

Expatriate Parliament 2005, Youth Committee. Available from: <>. [Last accessed 15.7.2015]. Fligstein, N & McAdam, D 2012, A theory of fields, Oxford University Press, Oxford. Gamson, W 1975, A strategy of social protest, The Dorsey Press, Homewood. Guarnizo, L.E, Portes, A & Haller, W 2003, ‘Assimilation and transnationalism: determinants of transnational political action among contemporary migrants’, The American Journal of Sociology, vol. 108, no. 6, pp. 1211-1248, DOI: 10

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Morals and the Right to Free Movement
Insiders, outsiders and Europe’s migration crisis

References Atger, AF 2008,’ The Abolition of Internal Border Checks in an Enlarged Schengen Area: Freedom of movement or a web of scattered security checks?’ CEPS Challenge Paper, 8. Attinà, F 2015, ‘Immigrazione: Il Merito Di Angela Merkel’, Affari Internazionali, 1 September. Bauböck, R 2015a, ‘From Moral Intuition to Political Change: On Joseph Carens’s Theory of Social Membership and Open Borders. Review Symposium on Joseph Carens: The Ethics of Immigration’, Political Theory, vol. 43, no. 3, pp. 394

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New Media as a Formation Factor for Digital Sociology: The Consequences of the Networking in the Society and the Intellectualization of the Communications

the muddy waters of the Turing Galaxy: Death and metaphoric rebirth of the world in media and of media in the universal medium’, Informatik und Gesellschaft (IUG). Available at Hansen D L (2011) ‘Exploring social media relationships’, Horizon, 19 (1), 43-51. Harfoush R (2009) An inside look at how social media built the Obama brand, New York: New Riders. He Z (2013) Digital by-product data in Web 2.0: Exploring mass collaboration of Wikipedia. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars. Hendricks V F (2006

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Latvian Migrants’ Circular or Permanent Migration to Norway:
Economic and Social Factors

-308, DOI: 10.1080/13504630.2010.482401. Bygnes, S & Erdal, MB 2017, Liquid migration, grounded lives: considerations about future mobility and settlement among Polish and Spanish migrants in Norway, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, vol. 43, no. 1, pp. 102-118. Cairns, D 2014, Youth transitions, international student mobility and spatial reflexivity , Palgrave Macmillan, New York. Ciupijus, Z 2011, ‘Mobile central eastern Europeans in Britain: successful European Union citizens and disadvantaged labour migrants?’ Work, Employment and Society

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Co-occurrence of substance use disorders with other psychiatric disorders: implications for treatment services

). Rethinking dual disorders/ pathology. Addictive Disorders and their Treatment, 12(1), 1-10. Teesson, M., Slade, T., & Mills, K. (2009).Comorbidity in Australia: Findings of the 2007 national survey of mental health and wellbeing. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 43, 606-614. Thirthalli, J., Kumar, C. N., & Arunachal, G. (2012). Epidemiology of comorbid substance use and psychiatric disorders in Asia. Current Opinion in Psychiatry, 25(3), 172-180. Todd, F. C. (2010). Te Ariari o te Oranga: the Assessment and

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Big Data for Biomedical Research and Personalised Medicine: an Epistemological and Ethical Cross-Analysis

Sciences.” Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences43.1 (2012): 1-3. Magnin, T. “Vulnerability at the Heart of the Ethical Implications of New Biotechnologies.” Human and Social Studies 4 (2015): 13-25. Magnin, T., and Revol, F. “Life in Terms of Nano-Biotechnologies.” Issues in Science and Theology: What Is Life?. Eds. D. Evers, et al.. Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2015. pp. 57-65. McGuire, A.L., et al. “Perspectives on Human Microbiome Research Ethics

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Conceptualising the Rise of the Rural Community Movement in Lithuania: A Framework for Analysis

nursing and social services in the community of Kaunas district. Medicina. Vol. 43(11): 903-908. Juska, A. 2007 Discourses on rurality in post-socialist news media: The case of Lithuania's leading daily ‘Lietuvos Rytas’. Journal of Rural Studies. Vol. 23(2): 238-253. Juska, A., Poviliunas, A. and Pozzuto, R. 2005a. Resisting marginalisation: the rise of the rural community movement in Lithuania. Sociologia Ruralis. Vol. 45(1/2): 1-19. Juska, A., Poviliunas, A. and Pozzuto, R. 2005b

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