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  • Author: Zsolt Csaba Johanyák x
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We are convinced that the learning process could be a lot more interesting and more interactive for young people with the help of modern technologies. The presence and the usage of the smartphones is natural for today’s young generations, although they do not use their inherent potential for example for educational purposes. Eddie is a hybrid of a smartphone application and a school book. The school book would keep its original form, but we would make the application fit for a given subject. The already existing pictures in the schoolbooks would work as a special indicator, which our application could read. The application would show different contents virtually in AR (Augmented Reality), based on the scanned image. The shown content could be a 3D model, animation or video.


This study describes 5G, the latest wireless technology that is currently under development. It will ensure increased bandwidth as well as newer and higher quality antennas. 5G is actually about further developing 4G/LTE. Due to the rapidly growing number of network devices, the current LTE technology will soon be unsatisfactory in terms of quality of service (QoS), therefore a new concept is needed.

The solution to this problem depends on the quality and complexity of the antennas, as well as traffic management. The planned Fifth Generation Network focuses on these issues to provide more accessible, faster, and more reliable services. The new technology will offer a lot of opportunities for IoT compatible devices such as self-driving vehicles or those used in healthcare. In our opinion we will soon achieve a world of unlimited Internet access.