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  • Author: Zoltan Z. Marosy x
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High energy, increased balance and self control, the necessary conditions for performance and a good health


The research purpose is to present the possibilities of the human being which are useful in order to improve the personal level of energy and to achieve an increased balance and a strong self control. These are the necessary conditions to be performed and in the same time to maintain a good health. Humans usually use energy from external sources. But, first of all, by employing different personal techniques, one can reach a high level of balance, energy and self control. These are the simplest, the fastest, the most efficient, the most economical and also ecological ways to have energy. If these attempts are efficient, you are first of all warm, then less ill and stressed. Everybody should try these kinds of methods first. A comparison was made between the results from two consecutive years, obtained by measuring the subject using a Bio-Well device. It results an increase of 23% in the energy level, in the conditions that the other parameters are optimal. The general balance reached the value of 99.97%. The authors proved, with the occasion of these original measurements, that a perfect balance can be reached. Another set of original and new measurements reveal the possibility of the human being to have a good self control. The subject proposed and succeeded in moving the second body energy centre by his own will, which is the most important energy centre of the body in the Zen-Buddhism. This is a remarkable completely original result obtained, maybe, for the first time in the world. In principle, we could control then the positions of the all seven energy centers, one by one. And so, the whole balance of the body. Also, in this way an incredible personal control and level of performance and also a high level of happiness can be achieved.

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