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Marek Pawłowski, Zdzisław Piątkowski and Wojciech Żebrowski

Management Efficiency

Modern management process may be viewed as one constant series of decision making and creation of conditions for effective decision realization. In the process of organizing it is important to verify the organization effectiveness and implement corrections in order to maintain or increase this effectiveness. For the purpose of situation diagnosis and improvement of organization's results, the three-efficiency-levels approach is used (organization level, process level, workstation level). Degree of decision effectiveness (efficiency) will depend on rationality of the problem solving process. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the primary and supporting goals as well as strategies for their realization and to take care of the quality of organization's internal activities, which includes full readiness for cooperation and flexibility towards changes.

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Anna Kułakowska, Zdzisław Piątkowski and Wojciech Żebrowski

Barriers for Empowerment in Organisations on the Basis of Surveys

The objective of the paper is to present the results of investigation regarding barriers for empowerment in the context of organisational problems of companies, their application in the search for solutions, and adequate implementation in order to increase the efficiency of the processes of decision-making.

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Wojciech Żebrowski, Zdzisław Piątkowski, Anna Kułakowska and Artur Piątkowski


The aim of the article is to discuss the results of a study about the influence of one of the management functions, the motivational function, on the implementation of new concepts in enterprises. The research includes such issues as the use of new concepts in accomplishing objectives as well as factors, which make companies work more effectively once these concepts have been introduced. This presentation and the detailed analysis of the empirical research conducted gives insight into how new concepts of management are used in practice.