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  • Author: Zbyszko Chojnicki x
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Socio-Economic Development and its Axiological Aspects

The article presents notions and issues concerning socio-economic development in an axiological perspective. Their presentation is limited to those the present author considers valid, and ignores their wider context as expounded in the various theories of socio-economic development.

Underlying the axiological approach to socio-economic development is the opinion that the character of and research on socio-economic development are not neutral axiologically because values are an inherent component of human activity; they stimulate it and give it a direction. The knowledge concerning human activity makes use of evaluative concepts and judgements.

The article discusses: (1) the concept of socio-economic development, (2) basic axiological notions, and (3) axiological problems of socio-economic development.

Empirical-Scientific Model of Geography

The article presents a philosophical-methodological conception of an empirical-scientific model of geography as an empirical science. It consists of an introduction and two parts. The introduction discusses the notion of philosophical-methodological models of geography and philosophical orientations. Part one addresses the philosophical-methodological foundations of the model, which are three successive philosophical streams: empiricism, logical empiricism (neo-positivism), and scientific philosophy. Part two offers a characterisation of the empirical-scientific model in terms of the principles of scientific philosophy embracing three chief problem areas: ontological, epistemological and methodological.