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Wojciech Kijaszek, Waldemar Oleszkiewicz and Zbigniew Znamirowski


The authors have deposited the diamond-like carbon (DLC) films by radio frequency inductively coupled plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (RF ICP PECVD) method. The investigated DLC films with different sp3 fraction content were deposited on polished and textured silicon substrates. The sp3 fraction content of the deposited DLC films was ranging from 35 % to 70 % and was estimated from acquired Raman scattering spectra (excitation wavelength: 325 nm and 514.5 nm). The measurements of field emission characteristics were carried out in diode configuration. Emission properties of the DLC films were calculated from Fowler-Nordheim plots. The calculated electric field enhancement factor β was ranging from 56 to 198 for the DLC films deposited on polished substrates and from 115 to 445 for films deposited on textured substrates. The surface of the DLC films was observed by scanning electron microscope (SEM) after field emission measurements. The acquired SEM images reveled that the activation of field emission from the DLC films is connected with generation of structural damage to the DLC films.