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The article attempts to analyze the environmental concern as one of the dimensions of CSR used by today’s retailers in the process of creating the image of their own brands. In order to fully present the purpose of the article, it was divided into parts. Firstly, the conditions for the implementation of the concept of CSR in the strategies of developing retailers’ private labels were presented. Secondly, the author identified the most commonly used tools for the construction of “environment-friendly image” by today’s retailers. The final section of the article presents selected examples of retailers’ involvement in building the “social” value of their brands using “environmental care”. The article argues that modern retailers are increasingly aware of the importance of the environmental aspect in creating the image of their brands. This article is based on in-depth studies of domestic and foreign literature of the subject and on the analysis of content of society reports of the 10 largest retail chains in Poland operating on the FMCG market.


In 2017 the youngest consumers qualifying for the Y/millennials generation in Poland (people born between 1984 and 1997) will be 20 years old. InPoland it is a group of about 9 million people who are in the stage of life cycle characterized by high dynamics of growth of product and service consumption. Information and communication technologies (ICT) play a key role in the life of Y-generation. They influence the decision-making process and formation of the purchasing process on the market. An area using ICT technologies is the continuously growing set of instruments of mobile marketing, in particular in the area of communication with clients (among others, mobile applications, mobile vouchers, SMS/MMS, newsletter). In the article, on the basis of the results of conducted direct surveys, the issues concerning the conditions for the use of ICT technologies by the representatives of Y generation are described.The article presents chosen tools of mobile marketing used by companies in the process of building the value of products/services on the tourist market for a specific target group (Y generation) characterized by needs and expectations different from the segments of the market served by tourist companies thus far.


In the modern economy, an important aspect of the functioning of an organization is the effectiveness of the communications actions. They fulfil a key role in the process of creating the desired image of an organization, which influences the purchasing decisions of consumers, including the selection of airport by passengers. Factors determining the positive and negative opinions about airports should be an area of searching to reveal an airport unique values (benefits) that will highlight the offer of an airport in increasingly competitive transportation market. Article presents the factors influencing opinions and choice of an airport by Polish and foreign passengers that have been identified as a result of direct surveys carried out in November-December 2015 via direct interview (PAPI) on a sample of 929 respondents.