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Zbigniew Marszałek, Ryszard Sroka and Marek Stencel

A New Method of Inductive Sensor Impedance Measurement Applied to the Identification of Vehicle Parameters

Inductive loop sensors are widely used for detection of presence, measurement of parameters as well as classification of vehicles. Vehicle classification may be performed based on their magnetic profiles. The magnetic profile is a signal which is proportional to the resultant of an impedance change of the sensor, caused by the measured object (the changes are minor - of the order of 1%). Generator and bridge circuits are most commonly used as conditioning circuits for such sensors. As a result we can obtain one output signal proportional to total changes of sensor parameters (R and L). In this paper, a modified bridge circuit that allows independent measurement of the components (R and L) of the sensor's impedance, has been proposed. With that provided, it is possible to receive broader information on the object, which allows higher classification resolution. This paper provides the concept of a circuit, model testing results, processing algorithms used and the test results of a real circuit.

Open access

Piotr Burnos, Janusz Gajda, Zbigniew Marszałek, Piotr Piwowar, Ryszard Sroka, Marek Stencel and Tadeusz Żegleń

Road Traffic Parameters Measuring System with Variable Structure

Systems of road traffic parameters measurement play a key role in the process of road traffic control, its supervision as well as in gathering and processing information for statistical purposes. Expectations of users of such systems mainly concern automation and provision of measurement continuity, possibility of selection of the measured road traffic parameters and high accuracy along with reliability of obtained results. In order to meet the requirements set for such systems, at the Department of Instrumentation and Measurement of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow a new prototype system of road traffic parameters measurement - Traffic-1 - has been constructed. The innovativeness of the solution is manifested in the structure of the system that can be modified by the user adequately to current measurement needs and in the used algorithms of signals processing. The work contains a brief description of the constructed system with particular focus on the used innovations that are the result of many years of research work of the designers.