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  • Author: Zahra Dehghan-Banadaki x
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An Investigation into Dynamic Puncture Resistance of the Polyester Needled Nonwoven Geotextiles using Video Processing Technique


In this study, the dynamic puncture behavior of nonwoven needle-punched polyester geotextiles has been studied using video processing technique. Twenty-seven needle-punched geotextile samples were produced by changing areal weight, needle penetration depth and punch density as independent variables. Cone drop test was carried out on the samples. In addition to measuring the hole diameter (HD), the video processing technique with a high frame rate camera was employed to calculate the energy absorbed by geotextile fabric up to puncture point (Ep) and the hole expansion energy (Ee). Multiple linear regression method was used to develop the predicting relationships between independent and reply variables. The models showed that an increase in areal weight results in an increase in Ep, whereas it causes a decrease in Ee and HD. Moreover, increasing punch density and needle penetration depth, leads to less Ep, and more Ee and HD. In addition, it was also found that significant relationships exist for Ep-HD and Ee-HD.

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