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  • Author: Zahra Afifipour x
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The Alleviation Effect of Silicon on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Tomato Under Salinity Stress

This study was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of silicon (Si) application under salinity levels on seed germination and growth characteristics of tomato seeds. A laboratory experiment was performed on completely randomized design with two levels of salinity (25 and 50 mM NaCl) and 2 concentration of Si (1 and 2 mM) with 4 replications. Germination percentage, germination rate, seedling shoot and root length, fresh and dry weight of seedling and mean germination time was measured. Seed germination of Lycopersicon esculentum L. was significantly affected by salinity levels, Si and their interaction. Germination characteristics of tomato seeds decreased drastically by increasing NaCl concentrations. However, 1 mM Si had positive effects on seed germination characteristics and improved germination percentage, germination rate and mean germination time. Si alleviated the harmful effect of salinity stress on tomato seed germination at almost all germination characteristics.