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  • Author: Yuzheng Lu x
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In this study, the wicking properties of ring and compact-siro ring spun staple yarns were compared. The twist level, which is related to the structure of the staple yarns, was found to significantly influence the wicking property of the two kinds of yarn. Polyester staple fibers with 1.33 dtex × 38 mm were selected as the staple fiber material, and the effect of the twist level on the wicking property was investigated using the capillary rise method. The results show that with a decreasing twist coefficient, the wicking height increases with a decrease in yarn compactness. The compact-siro spun yarn showed better wicking properties owing to it special ply yarn structure. Furthermore, the tension property of the yarns decreased significantly with a decrease in the twist coefficient. Compact-siro spinning was carried out to obtain staple yarns with lower twist coefficients, and the yarns showed great improvement in terms of yarn strength, fiber straightness, and wicking properties. Thus, compact-siro spinning is an efficient method to improve the wicking properties of staple yarns.