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The morphogenesis of the lake frog (Pelophylax ridibundus) vomeronasal organ was studied during different ontogenesis stages. The vomeronasal organ is laid after the formation of olfactory sacs, which are lined by olfactory epithelium, and after choan formation. Vomeronasal organ anlage takes place during G24 stage of larval development, which is the result of inflection and cell redistribution of olfactory epithelium rostroventral part. Formation of the vomeronasal organ finished at the beginning of metamorphosis. Apparently, vomeronasal organ appeared in aquatic Amphibia ancestors and after their transition from aquatic to terrestrial environment it developed new adaptive functions


The Development of Olfactory Organ of Lissotriton vulgaris (Amphibia, Caudata). Kovtun, M. F, Stepanyuk, Ya. V. - Using common histological methods, the morphogenesis of olfactory analyzer peripheral part of Lissotriton vulgaris (Amphibia, Caudata) was studied, during the developmental period starting with olfactory pit laying and finishing with definitive olfactory organ formation. Special attention is paid to vomeronasal organ and vomeronasal gland development. Reasoning from obtained data, we consider that vomeronasal organ emerged as the result of olfactory epithelium and nasal cavity differentiation.