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Titania deposits on nanosilicas

Titania deposits on nanosilicas

Titania (content CTiO2 = 2.7-20.0 wt%) was synthesized on different fumed silica substrates (A-50, A-100, A-380) using Ti[OCH(CH3)2]4 as a precursor interacting with silica/adsorbed water in 2-propanol or CCl4 medium, dried and then heated at 1073 K for 1 h. Initial and pretreated nanosilicas and titania/silicas were studied using XRD, adsorption, FTIR, TEM, AFM, and TPD-MS methods. The morphology of grafted titania (anatase/rutile/amorphous phase composition, particle size distribution, aggregation, textural porosity) depends on the types of a nanosilica matrix and a solvent, suspension treatments and reaction conditions.

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