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The rutting and cracking of pavements has become very common problem in India. Also the quantity of plastic waste has significantly increased in the recent year due to industrialization and population growth. Improper disposal of these plastic wastes has caused various environmental problems, hence the alternative use of waste plastic in bituminous concrete for road construction has been encouraged by the community. In the present study the Indirect Tensile Strength Test has been carried out on Marshall Samples confirming to ASTM D6931-12. Three different processes (dry process, wet process and combined process) of mixing of waste plastic were used during experimentation. It was found that the indirect tensile strength (ITS) and tensile strength ratio (TSR) of sample significantly increase up to 8%, 6% and 12% for dry process, wet process and combined process respectively for LDPE and HDPE type of waste plastic.


Waste plastic is accumulation all over the world causing serious environmental problems. This paper aims to study the Plastic Waste Mixed Bituminous Concrete Using Dry Process for Road Construction. The study evaluates the addition of shredded waste plastic in the bituminous concrete which results in significant increase in the stability value and Marshall Properties of mix. The study reveals that the use of waste plastic in bituminous concrete is safe and sustainable for road construction.