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The research measures the driving force of innovation in economic structure transition. In order to change the pattern of economic development, China is implementing a strategy of innovation-driven development. China’s capacity of innovation has been increasing, especially since 2012, and China’s innovations have taken a leap-forward development. Nowadays, innovation has become a main driving force in China’s economic development and hi-tech industries particularly make a great contribution. Although China’s tertiary industry has been dominant and its share in three industrial sectors has been exceeding 50% since 2015, a problem still exists in China’s economy that the proportions of primary and secondary industries are relatively higher compared with developed countries. In this paper we use PLSR model to measure the impact of innovation on China’s economic structure transition. It is found that innovation can expand the tertiary industry through shrinking the proportions of primary and secondary industries, transforming China’s economic structure into a more advanced pattern. Additionally, China is also devoting itself to the “Belt and Road Initiative”, which should be combined with China’s domestic innovation-driven development and realize sustainable development of economy worldwide.


This study presented a self-designed prompt gamma neutron activation analysis (PGNAA) model and used Fluka simulation to simulate the heavy metals (Mn, Cu, Hg, Ni, Cr, Pb) in soil samples. The relationship between the prompt γ -ray yield of each heavy metal and soil thickness, content of heavy metals in the soil, and source distance was obtained. Simulation results show that the prompt γ -ray yield of each heavy metal increases with the increase in soil thickness and reaches saturation at 18 cm. The greater the proportion of heavy metals in the soil, the greater the prompt γ -ray yield. The highest content is approximately 3%, and the change in distance between the neutron source and soil sample does not affect the prompt γ -ray yield of heavy metals.


The dissolution of corn stover in alkaline solvent system composed of NaOH-H2O2 was reported and the separation of its ingredients combined with acid precipitation, ethanol extraction was proposed. It is proven that the residual after alkali solvent was cellulose, the filtrate by the acid precipitation of the liquor was lignin, the solid by the ethanol extraction of the liquor was hemicellulose. The optimum dissolution conditions were determined by single-factor experiment as follows: the concentration of H2O2 5.0%, pH 11.5, dissolution temperature 60°C, dissolution time 3.0 h, the ratio of liquid to solid 30 mL/g. And chemical analysis were employed to determine the purity of the components separated. The structure of the components separated were identifi ed by FT-IR, SEM, XRD and NMR. The cellulose recovery yield can achieve to 84.2% and lignin recovery yield is 86.6%, the hemicellulose recovery yield is 96.7%. After recycling the solvent 3 times, the recovery yield of cellulose, lignin and hemicellulose were 82.7, 87.6 and 97.4%, and the purity of cellulose, lignin and hemicellulose were 98.0, 96.5 and 98.7%, respectively.


Objective To investigate the infection rate of hepatitis C virus among the ambulatory patients and in-patients of a tertiary teaching hospital, and study the demographic factors related to the prevalence of hepatitis C virus infection.

Methods All patients tested for hepatitis C virus antibody from July 2008 to July 2009 in Peking Union Medical College Hospital were enrolled in this cross-sectional analysis. The prevalence of hepatitis C virus infection was compared according to age, gender, and departments, respectively. Among patients with positive serology hepatitis C virus marker, the positivity of hepatitis C virus RNA was analysed.

Results Among 29 896 subjects included, the hepatitis C virus antibody of 494 patients were positive (1.7%). When patients were divided into 9 age groups, the age specific prevalence of hepatitis C virus antibody were 0.2%, 1.7%, 1.2%, 1.1%, 1.5%, 1.9%,2.6%, 2.4% and 2%, respectively. The prevalence of hepatitis C virus antibody in non-surgical department and surgical department was 3% and 1%, respectively. The prevalence of hepatitis C virus antibody of males was higher than that of the females. Total of 194 patients with positive hepatitis C virus antibody were tested for hepatitis C virus RNA, the RNA level of 113 patients (58.2%) were higher than the low detection limit.

Conclusions The prevalence of hepatitis C virus antibody was relatively high among patients of general tertiary hospital. Age group of 60-69, males and patients in non-surgical departments were factors associated with high rate of hepatitis C virus infection.


This paper studies the characteristics of marine water quality monitoring data monitored by photoelectric sensor network, mines the potential information from the massive data. on account of the continuous accumulation of monitoring data, this paper focuses on the study of database with numerical attribute and proposes a rule updating algorithm for solving the rule maintenance issues caused by changes in the database. according to the rule, the algorithm forms a new database from part of the original data and the new data, and searches the new database by random search, thus can avoid creating a large number of redundant rules and can quickly mine effective rules at the same time. experimental results show that this method not only can avoid mining in the whole original massive data, but also can improve work efficiency, and can quickly and effectively find new data and find useful rules in the data with high practicability.



Cytokine release syndrome (CRS) and tumor lysis syndrome (TLS) that occur after chimeric antigen receptor T (CAR-T) cells are reinfused, which severely affect the survival and prognosis of patients. Although several articles have reported on the care of CAR-T cell immunotherapy, the quality of the study and the effectiveness of holistic nursing interventions have not been systematically reviewed. The purpose of this study was to systematically evaluate the existing holistic nursing interventions of CAR-T cell immunotherapy.


A literature search for keywords was performed in PubMed, EMBASE, the Cochrane Library, CNKI, CBM, and Wanfang Data from its inception until January 2018. Studies were deemed eligible if they comprised patients with tumor receiving CAR-T cell immunotherapy, described the holistic nursing process, and were published in Chinese and English.


A total of 6 articles on holistic nursing interventions of CAR-T cell immunotherapy are reported, and the nursing methods and results of each article are analyzed. The quality of the studies included was medium. All nursing measures were considered effective.


Holistic nursing programs reduce the incidence of CRS and TLS and improve the quality of life of cancer patients.

Catalytic performances of cross-linking humic acids supported Pd/Ni bimetallic catalyst for heck reaction

The cross-linking humic acids (CL-HAs), epichlorohydrin as the cross-linking reagent and the supported Pd/Ni bimetallic catalysts (CL-HAs-Pd/Ni) were prepared and characterized by IR, AAS, XPS, TEM. The effects of reaction time, temperature, base, solvent and the amount of catalyst on the properties of the catalyst were studied. These catalysts could catalyze the Heck reaction of aryl halides and substituted aryl halides with acrylic acids or styrene successfully; the yields were all above 95%.

Preliminary Experimental Work on Nanocomposite Polymers: Small Partial Discharges at Inception Voltage, The Existence of Possible Charging Mechanisms Below Inception Voltage and the Problem of Definitions

In this paper, some results are presented from experiments concerning partial discharge (PD) behaviour of epoxy resin samples having 3 wt% nano- and 3 wt% micro-fillers, as well as epoxy samples having 3 wt%and1 wt% nanoparticles. The nano- and micro-fillers were TiO2 (titania). The main idea is to see whether a sample with PD at its inception voltage, still presents some tendency to charging effects below inception. An effort is being made to relate the present work with previous publications on the same main idea, as well as to previous research performed recently at Xian Jiaotong University, State Key Laboratory of Electrical Insulation and Power Equipment. It is indicated that with the samples investigated, although on some occasions random charging phenomena were observed below the inception voltage, it was not noted the same behaviour as with pure epoxy samples. Finally, a discussion ensues as to the definitions of the phenomena taking place below inception voltage.



This study aimed to characterise the effects of ketosis on milk yield and composition and digestive capacity in transition dairy cows.

Material and Methods

Seven ketotic and seven healthy cows were housed in individual stalls for six days. Samples of plasma, milk, refused total mixed ration, and faeces were collected, and the blood biochemical parameters, milk yield and composition, dry matter intake, and faecal dry matter (FDM) production were determined.


Compared with healthy cows, the ketotic cows had significantly higher concentrations of milk fat and citrate, but lower levels of milk protein and lactose. The cows exhibited a need for acid detergent fibre in forage and better digestion of neutral detergent fibre, starch, crude protein, and phosphorus than healthy cows, but more fat and gross energy were excreted in their faeces. Ketotic cows had higher energy-corrected milk yields and lower FDM than healthy cows.


Lower feed intake coinciding with the requirement to maintain high milk production is considered to be the cause of ketosis in dairy cows. Ketotic cows exhibited lower dry matter fat digestion.


In order to investigate the main factors behind hot coal fallout during cigarette smoking, an in-use behavior survey among smokers was conducted in three locations (Guiyang, Shijiazhuang and Nanchang) in China. In addition, a measuring device was designed to record whether a flicking or tapping force was exerted to remove ash and to record the force applied as well as their characteristic parameters. We found that there was no significant difference among the behavior characteristic parameters of the users in the three locations. The proportion of consumers who applied flicking was higher than the proportion of consumers tapping. There were some differences in the in-use behavior when smoking King Size and Superslim cigarettes. The work could help to develop a suitable hot coal fallout test method.