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Changes in Entrepreneurship Education in Secondary School under Curriculum Reform in Poland


Objective: The article aimed at identifying the position of the entrepreneurship course in the Polish education system and analysing the changes in its curriculum in the condition of the education system reform since 2017. Besides, attempts have been made to determine changes in this regard in the light of the analysis of the “old” and “new” core curriculum of general education in secondary schools of various types.

Methodology: Research was conducted by analysing the teaching content and existing data (desk research), which are the provisions of the national core curriculum (NCC) for general education in various types of schools currently in force and implemented in the ongoing reform of the education system. This analysis has been carried out against the previous research results presented in the literature on the subject using previously used methods of teaching content analysis.

Findings: The conducted research has shown that more attention should be paid to developing business competencies as part of the reform of the education system. In the NCC, cross-subject correlations have been taken into account, so that the same content is not unnecessarily duplicated. Entrepreneurship education should become more practical and oriented towards preparation for running own business and using financial services.

Value Added: The findings show that the new entrepreneurship education program assumptions in Poland will influence the development of entrepreneurship to a greater extent than before.

Recommendation: The results indicate that in the process of implementing the NCC a key role is played by the teacher, therefore it is necessary to prepare them well for its realization. However, the effects of implementing the program reform may only be observed and investigated in the future, therefore further research after several years is needed.

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