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Wiesław Romanowicz


Subject and purpose of work: This work presents an economic theory of religion. Its aim is to gain insight into one of the modern concepts of religion in the perspective of secularisation. Materials and methods: While describing the essence of this theory, apart from personal views, also other opinions of contemporary sociologists of religion were used. Results: This study highlighted the fact that the presented concept has a diverse range of references and interprets religion in a specific way. It is a concept competing against the secularisation thesis, and its essence is in direct application of the rational choice theory and exchange theory. Conclusions: Approaching religion only through the formula of supply, significantly reduces the field of interpretation and does not explain all the mechanisms of religious changes in the contemporary world.

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Wiesław Romanowicz


Subject and purpose of work: The paper addresses the issue of the attitude of students from Southern Podlasie to their region. Its purpose is to present the stance of young people who are permanent residents in the Eastern Borderlands to their civilizational identity.

Materials and methods: The results shown in the present article come from the research carried out among students of Pope John Paul II State School of Higher Education in Biała Podlaska. A questionnaire designed by the current author contained 42 closed, semi-open and open questions. It was conducted in May – 2017 in the auditorium among 214 third year students from the following areas: nursing – 48, sociology – 29, pedagogy – 41, national security – 63, tourism and recreation – 33.

Results: The study demonstrated that 83.3% of the students who identify themselves with the Western civilization and 72.0% of the respondents who identify themselves with both the Eastern and Western civilizations declare to be fully attached to the region. Slightly more than half of the respondents (51.4%) are convinced that they live in a region characterized by cultural diversity. This may suggest that the region of Southern Podlasie is characterized by the presence of the elements defining both the Western and the Eastern civilization.

Conclusions: When summarizing the attitude of the students to the region, it should be noted that over 70% of them fully identify with it. Religion has the greatest influence on the respondents’ regional consciousness. This element should be recognized as the basic factor characterizing the students, which proves that the basic feature which identifies Southern Podlasie is the diversity of denominations.