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  • Author: Wenyin Yang x
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This paper studies Inventory location routing problem in supply chain distribution network planning under vendor inventory management while considering customer inventory holding cost. In order to minimize the total cost of supply chain, an optimization model is established and an improved tabu search algorithm is used to solve the problem. From the analysis, it shows that the total cost decreases as the total vehicles capacity increases, and the maximum utilization of alternative vehicles and the minimum cost of the system don’t occur at the same time in some cases.


Swap trailer transport organisation problem originates from the traditional vehicle routing problem (VRP). Most of the studies on the problems assume that the travelling times of vehicles are fixed values. In this paper, the uncertainties of driving times are considered and a chance constrained programming problem is proposed. An improved simulated annealing algorithm is used to solve the problem proposed. The model and algorithm described in this paper are studied through a case study, and the influence of uncertainty on the results is analysed. The conclusion of this study provides theoretical support for the practice of trailer pickup transport.