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Uniqueness of Entire Functions

In this paper, we study the uniqueness problems on meromorphic functions sharing a finite set. The results extend and improve some theorems obtained earlier by Fang (2002) and Zhang-Lin (2008).


Port as one of the key hubs of international logistics, which has become the main part and the base of global logistics management. The port enterprises, plays an important role in the global supply chain. However, due to the lack of understanding in port supply chain management, coordination between the port enterprises, the integration of business process is not perfect, the lack of information sharing between various organizations, ports enterprises usually failed to fully play its positive role. Based on this, the paper makes the port enterprises as the research object, and introduces the excellent performance mode into the port enterprises. In order to study the port enterprises how to carry out effective quality management, and formation the coordination and integration of upstream and downstream of enterprises, so as to realize the competitive advantage in port logistics.


Marine transportation is the most important transport mode of in the international trade, but the maritime supply chain is facing with many risks. At present, most of the researches on the risk of the maritime supply chain focus on the risk identification and risk management, and barely carry on the quantitative analysis of the logical structure of each influencing factor. This paper uses the interpretative structure model to analysis the maritime supply chain risk system. On the basis of comprehensive literature analysis and expert opinion, this paper puts forward 16 factors of maritime supply chain risk system. Using the interpretative structure model to construct maritime supply chain risk system, and then optimize the model. The model analyzes the structure of the maritime supply chain risk system and its forming process, and provides a scientific basis for the controlling the maritime supply chain risk, and puts forward some corresponding suggestions for the prevention and control the maritime supply chain risk.


In this paper, we prove a uniqueness theorem for entire functions sharing values on a finite set. The result extends and improves some theorems obtained earlier by Fang, Zhang-Lin and Zhnag-Xiong.


TThe length-weight relationships (LWRs) were determined for five freshwater fish species collected from Liangzi Lake, the Xi River and Longxi River in China, including Megalobrama amblycephala, Megalobrama skolkovii, Megalobrama pellegrini and Megalobrama terminalis belonging to the genus Megalobrama, as well as white Amur bream (Parabramis pekinensis) of the genus Parabramis. Three of these five species had no previous LWR estimates in the FishBase. The LWRs of hybrids from Megalobrama amblycephala ♀ × Parabramis pekinensis ♂ and Megalobrama amblycephala ♀ × Megalobrama terminalis ♂ were also reported for the first time.


(Na0.52K0.44Li0.04)0.97La0.01Ta0.20Nb0.80O3 (KNLTN-La0.01) lead-free subtransparent ceramics was prepared by a conventional sintering technique. The structure and the optical properties of the ceramics were investigated. The room temperature crystallographic indexing revealed the ABO3 perovskite type, tetragonal phase and P4mm point group in the ceramics. The surface and fractured surface SEM micrographs showed a dense microstructure with few micropores in KNLTN-La0.01 ceramics, which was obviously better than for the pure KNLTN ceramics. The refractive indexes of the films were investigated by an ellipsometer and the results show that the KNLTN-La0.01 subtransparent ceramics reveals significant wavelength dependent dispersion. The refractive index ranges from 2.14 to 2.06 with the wavelength increase from 380 nm to 900 nm. The dispersive behavior was analyzed by three parameters of Cauchy dispersion model and the values of the parameters A, B and C are 2.0610±0.0005, 0.0054±0.0003 and 0.00069±0.00004, respectively.

Objective To evaluate the efficacy and safety of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) combined with Western medicine in the treatment of patients with common hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) by conducting a prospective, controlled, and randomized trial.

Methods A total of 452 patients with common HFMD were randomly assigned to receive Western medicine alone (n = 220) or combined with TCM (Reduning or Xiyanping injections) (n = 232). The primary outcome was the incidence rate of rash/herpes disappearance within 5 days, while secondary outcomes included the incidence rate for fever, cough, lethargy, agitation, and vomiting clearance within 5 days.

Results The rash/herpes disappearance rate was 45.5% (100/220) in Western medicine therapy group, and 67.2% (156/232) in TCM and Western medicine combined therapy group, with significant difference (P < 0.001). Moreover, TCM remarkably increased the incidence rate of secondary disappearance, which was 56.4% in Western medicine therapy group and 71.4% in TCM and Western medicine combined therapy group (P = 0.001). No drug-related adverse events were observed.

Conclusions It’s suggested that the integrative TCM and Western medicine therapy achieved a better therapeutic efficacy. TCM may become an important complementary therapy on relieving the symptoms of HFMD.