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  • Author: Waldemar Gołębiowski x
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Possibilities of Improving Pilot's Situational Awareness through the Shaping of the Human-Machine Interface in Military Aircraft Cockpits

With determined individual perception capability, the pilot's safety during a flight depends on his situational awareness formed by information from the surrounding environment. The graphical data information may be modeled and performed to the pilot by a data interface of research simulator. The method of testing human-machine interface (HMI)described in this paper enables detecting special incidents (critical situations) influencing flight safety, and help making prevention efforts. The proposed research method can result in developing solutions for shaping the data interface, as well as ergonomic solutions in cockpits of military aircraft.

Safety of Operation and Maintenance Systems of Aircraft Fleet

The flight of on aircraft has been realzed I on operational subsystem. The operation of on aircraft and its safeability are determined for aircraft fleet the so-called flight safety. Aircraft operation and its safeability determine the flight safety of aircraft fleet. The flight safety can be modelled, condition diagnosed, put the procedures of genesis and prognosis. As the results of these activities the prevention treatments can be worked out. A aircraft safety, air system safety or air safety can be considered. Within the flight safety science.