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  • Author: Voicu Oana Magdalena x
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Analysis of the Active Principles of Different Cannabis Varities


Cannabis cultivated as the main raw material for textiles is another than the one used for its psychotropic effects. From a botanical point of view, however, plants are virtually imperceptible.

What is changing is the concentration level of the active principle, depending on the type of cannabis. Cannabis Indica has a higher amount of resin and a higher cannabidiol percentage than the Sativa variety.

The hemp cultivated for fibers and especially Cannabis sativa L, which includes the types grown in Romania and generally in Europe, have a low content of narcotic and hallucinogenic substances (0.2-0.3%). This hemp is specially formulated and used for the production of fibrer.The hempcultivated for drug is not grown in. Romania. Because there are no processing plants factories, all the production in Romania is sold for export. Subsidies are given for the cultivation of these varietes. The benefits are great because textiles obtained from hemp are superior to those from countries like China and Germany. The hempcultivated for drug is not grown in Romania.

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