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Vladimir Koprivica


Sport is a very dynamic social phenomenon that has developed rapidly especially after the Second World War. Studying the history of sport and its present may help determine the tendencies of modern sport and predict how sport will look in the future. This very significant issue has not been addressed extensively in the professional literature. Determining the tendencies of sport development represents the basis of the preparation of young athletes - future successful seniors, but also the basis of the organization of sport within society, the improvement of the system of athletes’ preparation and competition.

The main modern sport tendencies include the following: sport is becoming more important in society; sports information is becoming more extensive and easily accessible; the number of scientific papers on sports has increased; new sports branches are constantly emerging; the number of sports branches included in the Olympic Games is increasing; the volume of training work and competition activities is increasing; general preparation has been reduced in seniors’ training and used as an active rest; the orientation towards multi-year planning of preparation and competition has been more emphasized; the harmonization of training and competition activities has been searched for; non-traditional means of preparation have been increasingly used; the model characteristics of athletes, training stages and competition activities are a landmark in the selection of athletes and their preparation; the methodology of motor skills learning has been improved; the selection of athletes is getting better; the control of sports activities has become better; modern technologies have been increasingly applied in sports; the work in sports has been increasingly team-based, and a larger number of specialists from different professions have been engaged in a team; the sports system has been improved.