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Inertia Compensation While Scanning Screw Threads on Coordinate Measuring Machines

Usage of scanning coordinate-measuring machines for inspection of screw threads has become a common practice nowadays. Compared to touch trigger probing, scanning capabilities allow to speed up the measuring process while still maintaining high accuracy. However, in some cases accuracy drastically depends on the scanning speed. In this paper a compensation method is proposed allowing to reduce the influence of inertia of the probing system while scanning screw threads on coordinate-measuring machines.

Development of an Algorithm to Detect Screw Threads in Planar Point Clouds

Measurements in production must be rapid, robust and automated. In this paper a new method is proposed to automatically extract features and parameters of screw threads via Hough transformation from 2D point clouds acquired from profile measuring machines. The described method can be used to automate many operations during screw thread prealignment and drastically reduce operator's influence on the measurement process resulting in lower measurement times and increased repeatability.