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  • Author: V.J. Fulari x
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Investigation of the structural, optical and photoluminescence properties of electrosynthesized hexagonal nanocrystalline Cd0.3Zn0.7S thin film


In this paper, Cd0.3Zn0.7S thin film has been electrodeposited from aqueous bath containing CdSO4, ZnSO4, Na2S2O3 and EDTA, having pH ~ 14. The structural, optical, morphological, surface wettability and photoluminescence properties of the film were investigated. The XRD pattern showed that the film consisted of mixed phases of CdS and ZnS with polycrystalline structure. The bandgap of the film was evaluated as 2.69 eV. The AFM study revealed that the Cd0.3Zn0.7S thin film contained spherical grains with root mean square roughness of 6.09 nm. The water contact angle measurement showed that the thin film was hydrophilic in nature. Moreover, the PL study revealed that the excitation wavelength was 460 nm.

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