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Results of the Winter Bat Census in Two Sites of the Central Podolia (Ukraine)

In February 2009 a full bat census in GMN- and IVK-mines (Khmelnytsky Oblast) was done. In total, 4801 individuals of 10 species were counted: 2438 of 7 sp. in GMN-mines and 2364 of 9 sp. in IVK-mines. The carried work is the first experience of a full bat census in considerable by length underground systems (29 and 11 km correspondingly) in Ukraine. Examination of GMN-mines took 77,5 man-hours; IVK-mines, ca. 50 man-hours. The obtained results will be at a base of the further bat monitoring in these two sites.


This research contribution instantiates a framework of a hybrid cascade neural network based on the application of a specific sort of neo-fuzzy elements and a new peculiar adaptive training rule. The main trait of the offered system is its competence to continue intensifying its cascades until the required accuracy is gained. A distinctive rapid training procedure is also covered for this case that offers the possibility to operate with non-stationary data streams in an attempt to provide online training of multiple parametric variables. A new training criterion is examined for handling non-stationary objects. Additionally, there is always an occasion to set up (increase) the inference order and the number of membership relations inside the extended neo-fuzzy neuron.