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The First Record of the Family Parantennulidae (Acari, Mesostigmata) in Ukraine with Redescription of Female of Parantennulus Scolopendrarum

Mites of the family Parantennulidae are recorded from Ukraine for the first time. A female of Parantennulus scolopendrarum (Berlese, 1886) from the megarian banded centipede Scolopendra cingulata (Latreille, 1829) is redesribed.

A New Species of Mites of the Genus Anystipalpus (Mesostigmata, Ascidae) from the Eastern Ukraine

Anystipalpus stepposus Trach, sp. n. from Lugansk Region associated with carabid beetles is described. The new species is similar to A. livshitsi (Eidelberg, 1989), differing by the arrangement of short and thickened setae on the podonotal shield, presence of large presternal shields, shape and sclerotization of the sternal shield, shape of some setae on legs and venter of idiosoma, details of structure of the chelicerae.

A Myrmecophilous Mite Myrmozercon Tauricus Sp. N. of the Family Laelapidae (Acari, Mesostigmata) from Ukraine

A laelapid mite Myrmozercon tauricus Trach et Khaustov, sp. n. collected from nests of ants Crematogaster schmidti (Mayr, 1853) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Crimea (Ukraine) is described. The genus Myrmozercon Berlese, 1902 is recorded in Ukraine for the first time.


Three new species of mesostigmatic mites from Ukraine are described: Gaeolaelaps heteroceri Trach, sp. n. associated with Heterocerus sp. (Coleoptera, Heteroceridae) from Odessa, Mykolaiv and Kherson Regions; G. khaustovi Trach, sp. n., associated with Bembidion sp. (Coleoptera, Carabidae) from Crimea; G. sevastianovi Trach, sp. n. associated with Heterocerus sp. (Coleoptera, Heteroceridae) from Lugansk Region. These three species are characterised by a number of unique characters: very short peritremes and peritrematal shields, elongated dorsal shield, abnormal for Laelapidae leg chaetotaxy. A key to the species of Gaeolaelaps with extra short peritremes is presented.


The local fauna of mites of the genera Anystipalpus and Antennoseius in “Streltsovskaya steppe” branch of Lugansk Nature Reserve was studied. The aspects of phoresy mites on carabids and the quantitative data of phoresy are reviewed. 334 specimens of 36 carabid species were examined. Seven species of mites of these genera (Anystipalpus livshitsi, A. stepposus, Antennoseius bullitus, A. dungeri, A. kamalii, A. pannonicus, A. ponticus) were found on 16 species of carabids. A. kamalii are recorded for the first time for Europe and Ukraine. A. livshitsi collected from 13 species of carabids, other species of mites were found on 1-6 species of beetles. The index of dominance of certain species of mites is 0.2-81.4 %, the index of occurrence - 0.4-20.6 %. The maximum values of the intensity of mites invasion (phoresy) was observed for A. livshitsi (8.0) and A. bullitus (8.2). Up to 72 mite specimens were observed on one specimen of beetle. Simultaneous phoresy (synphoresy) of mites of these genera are registered for the first time. It is suggested that mites are weakly associated with certain taxa of ground beetles, and more associated with certain size group of carabids and probably with their habitats


One genus (Coleolaelaps Berlese, 1914) and five species (Coleolaelaps agrestis (Berlese, 1887), C. inopinatus Grandi, 1925, H. integer Berlese, 1911, H. krameri (G. et R. Canestrini, 1881) and Gaeolaelaps rhizotrogi (Mašán, 1998)) are recorded for the first time in Ukraine. Morphological characters of female and male of Hypoaspis integer to complement the description are provided.