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  • Author: V. A. Marareskul x
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Isolated odontocete teeth were found in two Miocene sites in the Dniester River valley. Cetaceans from the both sites possibly represent unknown taxa. One of them is a stem physeteroid, the most similar to Scaldicetus caretti and Early Miocene taxa; another one can be a stem physeteroid or a large stem delphinoid.


A fossil fish remnants from the Early Pliocene strata of the Dniester valley (Republic of Moldova) are described in the paper. Seven species, belonging to 6 genera, 4 families and 4 orders (Acipenseriformes, Cypriniformes, Siluriformes, Esociformes) were identified in Nikolskoe and Uyutnoe localities. All of them are analogues of extant taxa. A brief review of development of the freshwater fish fauna in the Lower Dniester Basin during the Early Pliocene is presented.