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Carmen Sircuţa, Tunde Lucza, Mihaly Veres, Ildiko Szomoru and Leonard Azamfirei


Objective: To analyse postoperative cognitive dysfunction’s (POCD) incidence and cognitive areas involved, in patients with cardiac and general surgery.

Material and Methods: Prospective observational study on 130 patients undergoing general or heart surgery on cardiopulmonary bypass, under general anesthesia. Two groups, 65 members each. Group A had a heart surgery and group B a noncardiac surgery. The same type of anesthetic drugs were used. All patients completed the Montreal Cognitive Assesment (MoCA) questionnaire: preoperative, 24 hours after stopping any medicine acting on central nervous system and 7 days postoperative. We compared the MoCA scores obtained on different cognitive domains in this moments for each group of patients, for neurocognitive functions: visuo-spatial executive, naming, attention, verbal fluency, abstraction, recall, orientation, final score. We compared the scores between the two groups at 24 hours and 7 days postoperatively for the same domains.

Results: POCD was found at 24 hours testing in both groups. At 7 days postoperatively POCD was not found in any of the groups. There was no statistically significant difference in total final score between two groups at 24 hours nor at 7 days postoperative testing. There are significant differences between the two groups, with lower score in cardiac group in 5 of 7 fields at 24 hours testing, with the persistence of difference in 2 of 7 fields at 7 days.

Conclusions: Overall POCD was present at 24 hours but was not found at 7 days testing for none of the groups. POCD is present in some neurocognitive domains and this depends on surgery type.