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Trantu Dina Elena, Bordei Petru and Ispas Viorel


The extrahepatic bile duct morphometry was determined by the analysis of the colangiographies performed at Medimar Imaging Services SRL of the “St. Andrei “in Constanta on a General Electric Brightspeed Select CT scanner 16 slides. For the left liver duct found a caliber of 3.5-6.6 mm, its length ranging from 4.2-24.9 mm, and the right hepatic duct had a caliber ranging from 4.2-7.2 mm, the length being between 3.0-25.0 mm. At the confluence of the two hepatic ducts an angle of 35.0-124.1° was formed. In the common hepatic duct we found a caliber of 3.9-9.7 mm, in length between 20.2-52.9 mm. Cystic duct having a size of 2.4 to 5.5 mm, finding a length ranging from 24.6 to 66.4 mm. The angle formed at the end of the cystic duct in the hepatic duct had a value between 6.2-55.8°, and between the cystic and biliary ducts an angle of between 88.5-170.4° was formed. The coledoc duct had a caliber of 3.1-14.7 mm and a length of 19.8-57.3 mm.