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  • Author: Tomasz Rydzkowski x
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In recent years lean thinking (also referred as slim) increases its popularity not only in industry, but also in the entire business world. There are many confirmed effects demonstrating the high effectiveness of this philosophy: a clear improvement of economic indicators, an increase in current satisfaction and the acquisition of new clients; better, stable quality of offered products and services; efficient organization of production; more effective management; high productivity of work and production; minimizing the costs of production and storage of stocks. Why is Lean implementation in our domestic conditions not easy and sometimes ineffective? In this study we will try to answer these very important questions.


The search for new polymer processing ways has become necessary due to the rapidly growing technology and market needs. The time of manufacturing products, as well as the impact of process parameters and the design itself on the properties of materials have become very important. Therefore, the creation of assumptions allowing the construction of a compact device whose construction will allow, for example, high process efficiency at low screw rotational speeds or a high degree of material homogenisation, is expected by the market. However, this requires the design of new or continuous modifications and improvements to existing structures.