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Energy Production Potential of Wood Biomass from SRC Plantations in Cadastral Area of Nové Zámky


The renewable energy sources play an important role in the discussions on the future energy generation. The European Union has set certain goals to increase the share of renewable energy sources and to reduce carbon emissions. The paper focuses on the evaluation of energy production from short rotation coppice (SRC) plantations in the cadastral area of Nové Zámky. The study area is located in south-western Slovakia. The energy production was evaluated based on GIS analysis of agricultural land suitable for establishment of short rotation coppice plantations. The high-quality arable land was excluded from the biomass production. The wood biomass should be produced on marginal, low-quality soils and contaminated or degraded land that is unsuitable for food production. There are only high and medium-quality soils classified in the qualitative groups 1–7 in the study area. The land potentially used for biomass production represents an area of 1,536 ha. If the whole area would be covered by short rotation coppice plantations, it would produce 4.8 kWh/day per person. Taking into consideration the overall losses of 33% in the process of the energy conversion, the potential power from the wood biomass production is 3.2 kWh/day per person. The plantations would provide 61 new jobs in the study area.

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