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Thi Minh Hang Vu, Viet Phu Tu and Klaus Duerrschmid


Recent research has revealed a correlation between consumer gazing behaviour and decision-making in eye-tracking tests, which suggested a predictability decision-making from gazing behaviour. Since the eye-tracking test design has been reported to have an effect on gazing behaviour, the objective of this work is therefore to study systematically whether the test design influences the relationship between choice and gazing. Using a Tobii-T60 Eye Tracker, 100 persons participated in eye-tracking tests working on food images. Two design factors were tested: 1) Type of evaluation (maximum choice, minimum choice, ranking, and rating); 2) Question content (deliciousness, healthiness,prices, and familiarity). The results showed that the correlation between decision-making and gazing behaviour is influenced by both Type of evaluation and Question content. Only in the choice tests, a significant correlation between gazing behaviour and consumer decision-making was found. No correlation was found in the question content group Prices, but a very strong correlation existed in the three other question content groups. The results are discussed considering the relationship between visual attention and cognitive processes in decision-making.